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Jeff, is not feeling well today, I guess we will have those days, he ate oatmeal yesterday and he never threw it up, but made him sick, I bought the kind of Brown Sugar and Maple and we think it was just either too sweet or just not for his body. I know we are going to have days like this, but only being home 5 days I guess I better count my blessings.

Once again gang, I must put on "MY GIRL PANTIES" and move on to help him again.

Just wanted to update everyone

Lori aka MOE

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I hope he feels better later today!!! Maybe it was too sweet. I know it's going to be hard finding things that agree with him!!!


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Yes, it is hard, he also thinks maybe he ate too much yesterday. His mom is fixing chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes for us so we will see how he does with this, we go to the surgeon in the morning and we are going to discuss it at that time.

Thanks for your concerns I glad we met erika,


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Hi Lori, We found that cream of wheat went down easy when Jack first came home. He still enjoys it now and then. It's a slow process, and good days, bad days seem to be the norm. It's been 3 months post op for us and he can pretty much eat anything...just not too much at a time...I keep trying to fatten him up, but so far not much luch...Our best to you both...Pat

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I know after my surgery, my body can't handle sugar and I get either nauseous and throw up or get diarreah. They do sell reduced sugar oatmeal, maybe try that. Hope he feels better soon!!!!!


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Hi Lor,
Thats what they tell me when I tell the dietitian he can't Al is having trouble with something. She said put it away for awhile and then try it again in a few days, Also Cathy is right sugar is hard to process at first after any surgery. It made me sick when I had both of my neck surgeries.

Keeping trying, you know it will get better.

Talk soon

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