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NED is still my friend

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Just got back from my ONC appointment. My 6 weeks check up and all is clear. I dont have to do any more test for 2 months, I am excited, that is one less thing off my plate. My prayers continue for everyone here on this board and everyone that suffers from this beast. It has changed my life forever. Thanks to everyone here to that has put up with my venting and crying, I dont know what I would have done had I not found this site.

Thanks to all

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Best news I have heard all day.....NED makes a great bedfellow doesn't it ..I see an ear to ear grin that is so deserving.....WTG Beth....Bless ya......

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Joined: Feb 2008

Yay, Beth!!! I'm so happy for you. Hope you enjoy your new life with NED!


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That is wonderful news...

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yeah Beth..... fantastic news! I remember a while back you were talking about a wedding. In Vegas? Did you and her tie the knot yet?????


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Beth - That is wonderful, fabulous news!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I hope you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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dance partner for NED :) :) :)

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NED is the BEST! Yahoo.

Julie 44
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That is such great news..I love to hear it...Welcome to the club...I will do the happy dance for you(not naked its to ugly) lol lol................................JULIE

Julie 44
Posts: 479
Joined: Oct 2008

That is such great news..I love to hear it...Welcome to the club...I will do the happy dance for you(not naked its to ugly) lol lol................................JULIE

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Great news Beth!

I can feel your sigh of relief all the way down here in Texas - must be why it felt cooler than usual this morning :)

Thanks for sharing - I read your reply post on your move to SA. Best of luck when you get here. Texas is a big place you will find - many happy people here, but not on the highways :)

Let me know when you land...and congratulations on your results...we all like news like that.


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That is good news I am happy for you keep in touch


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That's great news - so very happy for you and for your loved ones too. Enjoy, enjoy -- party like a rock star!!


Fight for my love
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This is great news!Beth,please enjoy being NED.Take care.

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Beth, that is great news, I am soooo happy for you. I hope and pray I can be there with you one day!! God Bless you, Patti

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I'm so glad to read this, and am so happy for you!!

Big hugs,

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Nana b
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That's why we are all here, to hear the great news, and hope that it rubs off a little, okay, ALOT!

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That is great news. Hoping you can take that deep breath, relax and enjoy yourself. Go out and celebrate.



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Fantastic news!!! I am happy to hear you got such great news!


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Congratulations you deserve this good news, I hope that NEDNESS starts to spread around everyone on this board, I will pray for that.

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and good luck with your move to San Antonio!

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Beth I am so very happy to her your report! I'm not excited about that move away from your grand baby. Who will teach him to root for Atlanta if you aren't there. Will Wendy have to change jobs?

Sure hope and pray everything works out in whatever way is best for your and your family and will remember this move and soon to be born baby in prayer.

Posts: 1736
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He will always root for the Braves, he is my grandchild after all. I will bring him up proper...LOL...The move is not for a few months so will get to meet him first, thank God.


Posts: 1736
Joined: Jul 2007

I truly appreciate all the post and the well wishes, Eric was right the prayers do work! Now I can relax until the next set of test in 2 months. If it stays way then I will be really happy. last time it was my 3 month check up that showed the cancer had returned so I am waiting to get over that hill, but till then I just have to take each day as it comes.

New baby coming and a move, wedding postponed due to moving and funds, but what the heck, we have enough on our plates as of right now anyway. If you all wouldnt mind saying a prayer or two for Wendy, she has been ill and not doing so well. Got bad news from her Doc yesterday and she is really upset.

God Bless

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So glad to hear about your appt going so well, and not having to do anymore tests for a couple of months, I hope it stays away forever! My prayers are with you that you have a great life, and for Wendy, I hope she feels better soon, and hope it's something that can be taken care of.


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I just received my NED report. God Bless you

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