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First round of chemo

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Well, we are finally starting my husband's chemo tomorrow. It's kind of surreal to feel so relieved to finally fill him up with toxins- my definition of normal is so altered! Anyway, I have really appreciated being able to read through everyone's experiences with chemo so wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so open and supportive here. By the way, I appologize in advance for the frantic posts I will make in the near future about any random side effects he experiences!

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Starting chemo is one step closer to getting rid of the cancer. I know what you mean about getting started and your definition of normal. Just two weeks ago I was so bummed because my platelet count was so low I couldn't take my scheduled treatment. I just wanted to get my chemo treatment. Don't apologize for anything. Everyone's posts are always welcomed. The more information you share, the more others learn. Also, not everyone has all or any of the side effects and you will know as you go that the more chemo that accumulates sometimes it can affect you differently (meaning your husband). Keep us informed.


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I'll be praying that all goes well.


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Hi Zigswife,

No apologies neccessary at all for any "frantic posts" you might write in the future. That's why we're all here- for support when we need it and to be of support to others when they need it!


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