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For Sundance - Craig

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Hi Craig,

Was just reading Phil's thread about your upcoming thoracotomy, and saw that you have a CT scan tomorrow and follow-up with onc on the 14th. I just wanted to wish you the best Craig, and let you know I will be praying for you and sending all good thoughts and energy your way. Hope all goes well.

Like your picture too.

Be well,

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Hi Donna

What a surprise this morning!

Thank you so much for thinking about me - I think about you often because you are one of the 1st ones that I talked to when I joined. You've got alot going yourself, so I appreciate you making time to open a post to me - makes me feel like I matter.

Your post was right on time too - I've had a case of the blues move in the last day or so, probably with all of this upcoming stuff - the rubber is about to hit the road. Your post has really picked me up this morning.

Even a veteran of the battle still has the same emotions and feelings that we all do - the feelings are always strong and fresh.

So, yes today CT - I've got my barium all ready to drink for lunch - berry flavored, hmmm!
Friday will be the big day and the day that has been building up for close to 10 weeks since before joining the board.

If he tells me what I'm pretty sure he is going to tell me, then I'll meet with the thorasic surgeon to go over the surgery plan and look at available dates and such. Looks like I'm going to have to pull my end of the wagon again.

Thank you so much, Donna! I feel a little bit better now. You are a kind and considerate lady and I'll be thinking of you and your husband too - I'm still following what's going on with you too.

Best Wishes and May All Our Dreams Come True

Posts: 266
Joined: Jun 2009

Hang in there Craig - you're not alone. You've touched many people with your kindness and compassion, and I know I speak for others here, as well, when I say that we are all praying for you and sending good thoughts, energy, juju - whatever we can - your way. You have been through so much, you are more than entitled to a case of the blues, but I'm sorry to hear you've been down. Just try to remember that your strength has been inspirational to many of us, your compassion has comforted many of us, and your resolve has strengthened many of us. What is that saying "... a heart as big as Texas ..." - you have one of those! You matter and have made a difference - that is huge!!

I will be thinking of you today and hoping for good news. Please let me/us know how it goes.

Hope Kim is feeling better after her surgery.

Best Wishes and May All Our Dreams Come True right back at ya friend,

Fight for my love
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Hi Craig,you know,I always wish you the best and I am thinking of you.I hope everything goes well and you will be NED soon.Best luck to you.Take care.

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Hi Craig,

Just a note to encourage you today and for you to know that prayers are being said on your behalf for this whole process you're going through- through the CT scan, waiting for results, going over results, moving forward with surgery if that's still the plan, etc.
I believe God's "got you covered".


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Craig, I am sorry you are feeling the blues...they suck!! I am praying for you and your test results. You are a very strong individual with so much to offer all of us. God will bless you Craig again and again. People like you are a rare find in this world and I wish you all the luck, and blessings. Stay strong, live strong, stay STRONG!!!!!!!! God Bless you, Patti

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Thank you all so very much!

My eyes are "leaking" again as I write this reply to all of you.

I'm not used to so much kindness, thoughtfulness and love - what would I do without you guys? Shoot, what did I do before you guys?

I'm so touched by your words - to have someone feel such a way about me is a new experience. It's a wonderful and beautiful thing - you all are so good to me.

I'm starting to tear a little more - probably the barium I'm drinking for my test :)
No actually it's the emotions I'm feeling as I try to write this reply to you all.

I'm just sitting here overcome with what I've read today, such beautiful words and thoughts.
You taking the time out of your day to remember my appointments and what I'm doing today.
You sending me prayers and comfort when I need them - yes, I need them too.

I took the "S" off my chest many moons ago, so I'm just human afterall.

What a beautiful family and community that we all have here! I just get choked up thinking about it - will post something when I have time to further gather my thoughts.

Well, I better "drink up" and get outta' here if I'm going to make my scan.

I was feeling a little bit down, I don't let on, but just mentioned it so people would realize that even the vets have the exact same feelings no matter how much time we've been at it.

Donna, this post picked me right off the ground today.

And Patti, Lisa, and Fight, you lifted me even higher - I feel better.

I don't know if I could put into words what you and our relationship mean to me. It's very strong - strong enough that my hands are shaking on the keyboard trying to type this.

I care very deeply about each of you and so many more too...that I might mean something to you is a blessing that I was not expecting to receive.

Take care and thank you again!


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Your comment about taking the "s" off your chest reminded me of Five For Fighting's Superman. I especially like the lyrics:

I'm only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me
Inside of me

You have a lot of special things inside of you Craig.

I hope your scan went well.


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krystle singer
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Hope all went well. You are in my prayers. My Ct scan is the 17th and I am really nervous about it. Wishing all the very best for you.

Hugs and prayers,

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As you probably have noticed I don't post here very often, but I come almost everyday, I just wanted to tell you that I agree with everything that have been said about you, you are really a very special person to all of us,I will be praying for the best outcome during this part of your journey.

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HI Craig, I am pretty new here, just really started posting and replying a couple of days ago. BUt what I have have seen, you are an exceptional person, you are so supportive to everyone, I hope you know how much we all appreciate your supportive words... sending lots of positive energy your way, hoping for good results-you deserve it..

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Good luck on your tests, you have moved me in many ways as well with your beautiful posts, you always know what to say, and you're so encouraging, it makes me feel like I can also fight this as well as hard as you have been! You're a wonderful man, now, snap out of those blues, and hopefully the sun is out and has you smiling again, you been through so much, it's time you can use some good news as well, and hope you get it with those tests!

Hugssss to you!

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Nana b
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Oh, hugs to you all and happy tears~!

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Posts: 4408
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I saw where several of you came in after I had left for the test.

Thank you, Amy, Betina, Petrina, Shayenne/Donna and Nana for your wonderful posts. It was heartwarming reading all of your wonderful thoughts.

A quick update on how the CT went - it was a little bit different this time - I'm at a new facility now. The equipment was newer and they have more ways to scan the angles and such. They kept in me there much longer than I have known - they kept running me through the scans getting all of the new angles...and then injected the contrast - man, did I warm up in a big way! My old center I did not feel that too much, but this place, whew!

Then it was over - it felt like they did something here - and maybe the new imaging techniques they used will isolate the spots better and finally give us the ANSWER. Maybe one I don't want to here, but feel is still coming - at least the guessing will be done.

Friday, I will meet with the new oncologist at the new hospital and go from there - I'll probably have a post for that, as I've got some things I want to say.

Thank you all for helping me off the floor yesterday and making me feel like I mattered to you - was such a beautiful thing for my life - so thanks for making that happen!

Eric - thank you for your extra powerful message to me as well - truly incredible stuff!

I'll talk to you all soon

Julie 44
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Just wanted to wish you the best of luck...You will pull through this and everything will be ok...You have helped me so much that I wish I could do more for you than wishes and prayers but since thats all I can do now God Bless you.....( No I can't drink your horrible stuff for you either)...........................JULIE

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Craig - I hope for the very best for you - you have offered me such wisdom as my dh and I start our journey. Good Luck and do what you have to do! Kim

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I know you are waiting for results of your scans and want you to know I am thinking about you.

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