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My dad is now home

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Wow, yesterday the hospice let us take my dad home. We felt thats where he wanted to be. He kept trying to bolt for the door, regardless of wether he had strength or not. Thats my dad.Last night was his first night home. He had been an avid bicyclist so it was clear this morning he thought he was gonna start his routine again. I really wish he could start his routine again. Today, we are gonns move him to his wheelchair so he can set on his deck and feel the warm late summer air on his skin. It's bittersweet right now. He is worth every moment of the late night getting up and adjusting him to a comfortable position. These moments are so precious i want all of them.Just wanted to update. Thank you so much for the support we have recieved.

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It is great to hear that your dad is where he wants to be. Cherish every moment, you will never regret it. My thoughts are with you!


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I am glad to hear that you got to bring him home, Just remember you don't have a number to enter heaven when it is time they will take him, but I really believe he will get stronger and live past what they said. I have to agree with you that its worth every moment of getting up late nights and making sure they have everything, thats what I did with my husband that just had surgery, and my parents that are now gone. You just hang in there and enjoy every moment you can have faith and GOD will be with you.

Lori aka MOE

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