Bubbley clear phelgm

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Has anyone hear ever kept coughing up clear bubbley phelgm? We can not seem to get an answer from the oncologist and the keep saying take more Prilocex. Thrus. they are doing a Ct scan on hubby after thrid chemo DC on Wed.,however,we just learned the last CT scan is too old to be used as an acurate cancer marker,therfore,now we are basiclly starting over after round three of chemo in knowledge of whether it is working or not.


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    Bubley clear phelgm
    I am struggling with this same symptom. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a total gastrectomy in April. Have you found anything to help? I did not choose the chemo route, but am doing alternative treatment. I have had to stop my program for now because of the bubley clear phelgm. Once I vomit the phelgm up, I can eat a little bit. Would like to know if you found any solutions? I am anxious to get back on my program to fight my stage 4 stomach cancer.
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    Hi, my husband was diagnosed
    Hi, my husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer he had a partial gastrectomy and is currently undergoing chemo treatments. He also had a lot of phelm which made him vomit several times a day but once he got the phlem out he would be able to eat a little. We were told by our dr that this is saliva which builds up in the junction to the stomach. There may be some medicine they can prescribe to help with this saliva. After some more research I read that it could also be mucus produced by the tumor. I think it is most likely a combination of both. Jim is currently feeding through a Jtube and has not had any vomiting but he also eats very little. However the phlem is almost all gone.
    I hope this helps.
    Good Luck
    God Bless
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    Bubbly Phlem
    I am so glad I got on this sight today. I had a total gastretomy last june and had that phlem come up on me when I would have anything sweet. So in case if you are haveing sweets try to cut them out or cut down on having them. Sometimes I would have to keep a little garbage can next to the sofa because it would come right up and I'd almost choke on it, so I had to spit it up right there.I don't have this problem anymore. It does goes away,but the other night my husband came home with a bottle of rootbeer and asked me if I wanted a glass. I am not a soda drinker and was'nt prior to my stomach cancer, but I thought, MMMM thats sounds good, so he poured me a little glass on the rocks and I let it sit for a few cause carbonation is no good for me, and after I drank this glass of rootbeer which is full of sugar, I started getting this thick saliva and had to get up and go spit it out. You just can't swallow it. Sugar really sets this off.Then I started cramping and I did'nt have much of this from the beginning,so i know it had to all come from that rootbeer. I know it's hard sometimes but stay away from sugary stuff. It's not any good for us anyway. Hope this helps!! If you have anymore questions let me know. Blessing to You!!!!