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Hello everyone, I am off to have my 5th Chemo treatment tomorrow, would you please pray for me that I will have minimal side effects and shrinking tumors. I am very nervous and scared and need prayers. Thank you, Patti

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May you have the strength to get through your treatment. I pray for minimal side effects and shrinking tumors. Know that the chemo is working! You can beat this. Keep hope alive!


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Hi Patti, I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope you do ok with your chemo tomorrow. Have you had a hard time with it?

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The first couple of times I was sick and had the neuropothy, but it seems to be getting better. I just go into it so scared, I have two children that need me so much and i just am overwhelmed by all of this, as I am sure we all are. I am just so emotional the day before. Thanks for all of your prayers, I am so humled by the kindness on this board. God Bless, Patti

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I haven't experienced much of the neuropathy. I am nervous about it, but haven't experienced it. I do get an infusion of mag and something else before the infusion and after which is supposed to help with the neuropathy, maybe it is working. I don't know. With each infusion, you just don't know what the side effects will be. I have heard that the neuropathy does resolve once treatment is done.. If is is real bad you should let your doc know. Are you taking the nausea meds, take them around the clock to see if that will help. I hope you tollerate tomorrow better. I totally understand being scared, I have 2 litle kids aged 4 & 5. It just seems so unfair doesn't it? I know talking like that isn't helpful, but we all have to think it at times, we are only human. Lets just fight this head on and get well for our families.

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I'll be praying that your chemo goes ok,with little side effects.Hang in there.

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Patti, my mom is going in for her 2nd chemo treatment tomorrow also (she is stage iv with 3 mets to liver dx June 09). She also was feeling very nervous and scared thinking about going back tomorrow for another treatment, so I think that is very normal. Nonetheless, I am sorry that you are having to go through this! Will pray for very minimal side effects and a quick recovery from this session. Also, praying for overall healing for your body & complete disappearance of this disease!

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Sorry about being so late with this post but we have a rope in here that you grab onto and hold on to while we pull you through your journey....Grab hold and hold on and here we go, you first have to leave your fear behind..we don't fight this battle to break even, we fight it to win.......so hang on with head up and lets move right through the treatments...you feel bad we feel bad, you feel good we feel good, your not alone......Bless ya

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Patti -

I haven't been on this website for awhile. I couldn't sleep & thought I'd check in. I will pray that your treatment goes well for you. I was diagnosed 4 years & 10 months ago. I went through 6 months of chemo - with a port and the 48 hour infusion pump, like you. I was 44 at age of diagnosis. While the chemo treatments were a little tougher each time, it was motivating to get one more treatment behind me each time. Just think, after tomorrow, one less treatment to go! Hang in there. Remember - cancer may be tough, but you're tougher!!

Take care,


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its just normal to be scared but you just hold onto that rope and we will keep pulling.i hung onto it and now i am done with chemo its been 4 weeks now and trying to find my new normal,soon you will be done too....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Praying for ALL your needs this a.m.


Julie 44
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Hey Patti,
It is very scarey to have to go through all of this...I whined and cried before each treatment but went anyway..The only way to get this beast in remission is to do your treatments...Look at it that way..Take each treatment one day at a time..You can and WILL get throught this....Each treatment is bringing you closer to NED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a great place to be!!!! My prayers are with you..........JULIE

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I'm praying for you and hoping for the best always for you, Patti

I wish I could take away your fear and make it less.

You just have to tackle it head on with determination. I know it's hard for you as it is for all of us - we're all scared of losing what we've got too. Nobody's immune there.

You are doing the treatments and moving through them successfully.

Everyone else has covered it all pretty good, so I'll just say you know I'm pulling for you.


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It's ok to be scared and we have your back. I know the night before chemo it takes me about an hour to get things ready, clothes, gauze, cream, magazines, etc. and I am just an emotional wreck. It's not easy facing going into chemo. I pray that you do well and that you have minimal side effects. Keep your chin up we are there for you.


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Patti, Wednesday is my FINAL CHEMO and I have butterflies in my tummy!

I'm remembering you in prayer today!

Fight for my love
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Hi Patti,you are in my prayers and best luck to you for this round of chemo.Take care.

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Hi Pattie,

You can do this. You are stronger than you think. My thoughts are with you and wish you well. Like others have said, it is one more closer to the end of your treatment.

Cheers, Lance

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Thank you to everyone for prayers. I had my 5th one today and am feeling pretty drained right now. I just wanted to tell everyone how much I appreciate all of you. God Bless, Patti

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You are in my heart today as you are now past your treatment and I hope home safe and sound. Cancer IS scary so it's fine to be scared. I'm "cured" and I still get scared. You have a beautiful family who loves you and people around the globe here rooting for you. You can do this!

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You are in my prayers too!

Be well,

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5 down!!! Praying for you


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Hi Patti,

Sorry I didn't see your post until two days after you posted it- so you must have already had the chemo yesterday. How are you doing? I am praying starting right now (Wed, 9:50 PST) that any side effects you may be experiencing will lessen and go away and that your anxiety and worries will be eased. Let us know how you are doing-


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I am feeling better today with no nausea just the neuropothy. My CEA #'s were 15 when I was first dx. and before colon resection, after surgery and waiting 6 wks. and before my first treatment my CEA level was 89.9. After two treatments they went down to 21.9, and yesterday I was given a cea level of 13.7....I was happy but a friend brought to my attention that why would my cea level be so high after the colon was resected? from 15 befor surgery to 89.9 after waiting 6 wks. before treatment. I have not asked the Dr. this because I guess I was just so happy it came down so much from the 89.9. Just another question for the Dr.
I will be having a ct scan next Tues. to get the real picture on what's going on. Thanks to all for your loving, genuine concern. It means alot to me. God Bless, Patti

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