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VATS x3 tomorrow!

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I'm off to the cutting board again tomorrow afternoon @ 12:30. All prayers welcomed!

By the way, nice to see pictures of you guys...Lisa42, Craig and Phil!


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Hi Sheri

Thank you for the reminder. I thought it was going to be later.

The best of luck for your VATS procedure...I will certainly be praying for a successful outcome - can't wait for you to tell me about it, OK?

They cancelled my VATS surgery and I finally go in for a CT on Wed, then meet with the new guy as they compare the new scan to the old one and tell me what's the next recommended stop.

I may only be behind you a couple of weeks or so, depending on the outcome. Only the talk was doing a more open procedure, but I've got to meet the chest guy and go over that.

I'm hoping os much all works out for you - you're a brave lady, but I know you feel a little bit anxious, I know I do as the hours get near.

Talk to me when you feel better - you'll have a lot on your hands for a time.

God Bless You

Fight for my love
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Best luck and best wishes to you!You are in my prayers.

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We'll be praying for you!


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I said a prayer for you Sheri, good luck tomorrow!! God Bless, Patti

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Praying for you. God bless.

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Lots of prayers for you tomorrow. God bless you and your family.

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what does VATS stand for?

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VATS = Video Assisted Thorasic Surgery


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Just said a prayer for you and believing for a successful, complication-free surgery for you in Jesus' name!

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I am sending those "welcomed prayers"! I know you will do fine and I pray God will guide the doctors and all involved in your surgery. You will do just fine!!!

Blessings girl,

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Praying for you! I will say a special prayer right at 12:30!

Hope your Florida trip was a blast!


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Hoping and praying that all comes out well tomorrow. Let us know how things went. I know that all will be fine. Get to feeling better soon so that you can enjoy the rest of your summer.


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hope it is all going well.

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Hi Sheri,

I'm praying for you and hope all went well today.


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