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New Here....can anyone help?

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In March my husband was having a sharp pain in his ribs, so finally the first of April he went to the doctor, who sent him for an xray.
the next morning we get a call something showedup on xray and then he was sent to lung doctor,who then did test and said he had cancer on right lung, he sent us to cancer doctor and after many test, we were told he had mixed small cell with glander tissue adeno carsonama cancer, fast growing. It's in right lung, right rib, nodes and liver.
the cancer dr. told him there was no cure for this cancer and gave him 6 months to live, but he said chemo might prolong it alittle while.
so he set my him up for 6 rounds of chemo. he would go to chemo 3 days, 5hours the first day, 2 hours second day, 2 hours third day, and back on 4th day for a nulasta shot.
then he would have 18 days off and begin again.
he just finished his 5th round and in 18 days will do his last round.
the dr. said he would then just watch him, and do scans every so often.
the chemo has been holding the cancer, but after chemo the doctor says the cancer will start spreading faster than before, and there's nothing they can do.
and for him to make the most of this time.
i just don't understand if the chemo is holding the cancer why stop it now?
I would love to hear from anyone who might be going through this or knows anything about it.

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Betty.....I don't understand why a doctor would say such things to you! I would highly recommend getting a second opinion as quickly as possible. Gather up all of the reports, scans, blood tests etc and take them with you! That statement from his doc that said "the chemo has been holding the cancer, but after chemo the doctor says the cancer will start spreading faster than before, and there's nothing they can do." is just crazy. You must be strong when you talk to these doctors...make a list of questions and demand the answers. If it's something you don't understand, then make them clarify it. Spend time learning as much as you can about this and please...I encourage you to come here often. Everyone here is full of information and have been so helpful....to me too!

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thank you, we see the doctor again tomorrow, and i'm going to get some answers to my questions!
this doctor usually comes in the room and listens to my husband breath and then out he goes.
the longest time he has spent with us was about 6 minutes, but he won't get out of the room so quick in the morning!
I just have a hard time trusting a doctor that say's there's no hope, because he's not God!
Thank you for replying, it's so hard when i have no one to talk to.

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Hi! Michelle is right! Try to remember that there are Always exceptions to the rule. Never stop fighting.

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I will question this Dr. and would consider a second opinion. I never heard a Dr. make such blunt statement. I have even read about people who were given weeks and are still around after five years. My Dr. just told me YOU WILL DO WELL. Doctorsd are not God they can only estimate and many of them just don't commit to any time of life left in person. My Onco. told me 'You are a very lucky man and you will be around for a long time. My Thoracik dr. told me "We got everything, you will be OK."

I wish you well and PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP.......

Don Carlos

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I have stageVI lung non small cell - it's in both lungs and has moved to my liver. The doctore explained that chemo would only do so much - that the chemo may shrink it (after two chemo treatments it shrunk in one lung only) and that it would not ever go away. At some point the chemo treatments would not have any results and the side effects would be too much to handle and continue . Then the cancer would spread and not stop. I have another CAT scan on the 18th -this after 4 treatments now. I'm really scared that it didn't shrink at all this time and even more scared that it spread more. You need to get another opion, keep up good spirits and never give up. Emotional support is very important!!!!!!

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I will keep you in my prayers!
The chemo has been hard on my husband, he's so sick and tired alot.
But he is trying to stay positive.
I will keep you in my prayers!

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I too have non small cell lung cancer stage VI. I have it in the right lung and I have been battling it for almost a year now. I was diagnosed october 2008. I just learned several weeks ago that it has spread to the upper lining of the lung and my chemo wasnt working. I have been thru radiation, and a number of chemo treatments already which seemed to have kept the cancer at bay, but, the doctor told me yesterday that I am getting to the bottom of the barrel for options.I'm really hoping that this chemo combination he started me on yesterday will work!!The cancers spreading and the fact that i have had alot of the chemotherapies is scarey. I agree with your comment about good spirits and never giving up...that is so important, and the emotional support is vital.

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