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Thinking of getting a pump

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I had my surgery in Feburary when I was 59. I still haven't had an erectian. Any one had any luck with the pump my doctor's talking about? They want almost $500 for one at the office.

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Howdy Batterup,
Well, I started with a cheapy "adult" store variety pump, as prescribed by the urologist that I see. He encouraged me to purchase the cheaper unit and become familiar with it before the surgery, which I did. The unit costs about $45. But, the purpose for using it daily after surgery was to help prevent fibrosis of the penile tissues, which can occur if natrual erections are not occuring, according to the literature I have read. I later, on my own, purchased the Encore Revive pump ($145), which has the restrictor bands that you slide over the penis after developing the erection from the negative pressure it creates. So far however, this has not been successful for me, as the strength of the erection is not adequate for intercourse, and the numbness created from using the restrictor bands takes away from the purpose of creating a functional erection in the first place. I will continue to use one of the pumps in order to continue to promote venous blood flows into the tissues, but I have my doubts that either one of them will provide me with the satisfaction that I so desire to overcome erectile dysfunction post-operatively. Good luck with your search for a unit that truly works. And if you find one that does, let all of us on this discussion board know about it.

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My surgery was in May and I am 55.
I understand your concern and frustration. From what I hear and have read it may be too early to expect a "normal" erection. All of us have differnt bodies and of course different reactions or recoveries.
I wish you much success in your trials.

Jim (shubbysr)

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A combination of Cialis/Viagra along with "tri-mix" injections have worked quite well for me. I clearly understand the phobia many out there including myself have at the site of a needle attached to a syringe. Compound this fact that you are about to self inject your penis and again, I clearly understand the apprehension. But should you decide for this option, your Doc will give you instructions along with written instructions. All instructions will show you where to inject. My tri-mix costs $125 and last for four months. Insurance probably does not (mine does not) cover so use your MSA if you have one. The injection has very very very very little pain...a bee sting is far more worse. It takes about 10-15 minutes...good time to engage in foreplay and then it's off to the races...good luck and remember, it's easy to learn how to inject right, little pain if any at all, I think the both of you will be satisfied with the results!

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I got a pos-t-vac pump a couple months post surgery. Medicare paid for it. Don't really like it but will give it more time. Erections are only half of what they were. Most pump sellers will give your money back if you return pump soon enough. Who knows...maybe you'll hit a home run with it!

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'Saving your sex life' by John Mulhall. Great book. wish I had it a long time ago.
The pump works for me. Pills work for me. Sometines things work on their own. The main ingredient is the partner. Without a good one nothing works.
I only had one side spared and with that the odds were not in my favor. It's been eleven months now and things are working better. I'll just keep on trying and always look forward.

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Doctor thinks I should wait on a pump (too early). I'm going to give the injections a try next week, he said it may even spend up the natural response. And your right on about a good partner I don't know how I'd get through this without my wife's support.

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I had my durgery four years ago in my case to have a 85% erection took almost one year,now with the help of Viagra it is 120% you need to be patient it will come when it comes not when you want.but I garanti it will come back. take it ease I know it is very hard.
you can try MUSE supository it will get you to about 80% or the injection of MUSE will get you to 100%.

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Hey Saoco,
Sure wish I could share in your optomism in the resolution of the erectile function, however, the more I read about it, the less likely I am to believe that it will return for most of us. One only has to review this discussion board and look back over the past 1-2 yrs. and you see all sorts of posts that indicate that long term ED is a true complication of prostate cancer therapy. And even published studies in the Journal or Urology supports that arguement. It is difficult to be patient, that is for sure, and in my case, I will probably start screaming like a little girly-girl to get started on the Caverject injections soon.

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I bought one on advice from my doctor and started using it a month after surgery. I tried it once with the bands and wasn't happy. I do use it almost daily for the purpose of stimulating blood flow. This combined with Cialis or Viagra has proven to work slowly. I will admit it has been and continues to be a slow process. My doctor recently told me during my visit that the nerves are still waking up even after 6 months and to continue the routine. He was more concerned with me using the pump for blood flow than anything. My wife and I have had many unsuccessful attempts at intercourse since my surgery. We've gone through anger, sadness, you name it, but we refused to give up. There were times when I felt like less of a man. I'm so thankful for an understanding wife. We finally had a successful try the night before my 6 month visit. It took some work even then, but the victory was simply being able to perform to a degree. I walked into my doctors office the next morning with a huge smile on my face and little sleep. I'm skeptical as to whether or not I will be at the same level that I was before surgery, but I have to keep hoping. It's very disappointing at times, but I have to try. My doctors advice to keep up the routine and making me aware that the nerves are still waking up even 6 months after surgery, was very encouraging. I would recommend anything that will assist with functions, a pump,drugs etc. At least that way we give it our best try.

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I have been looking for this thread for a while. I knew there were men out there that had had prostate surgery and wanted to express their feelings. December 12, 2008 was my surgery date. Prior to that my wife and I enjoyed love making dearly. After the surgery I knew that my erections would be back on course right away, WRONG. The doctor gave me a prescription for Cialis and that didn't help either. Bound and determined to get the game back on we got a VED pump, the $145 version not the $500 doctor recommended model. The pump has been great, if you take your time you can really enjoy this device. Just within the last two weeks I have began waking up with nice erections. They don't last but it's the real monty. Another milestone happened just this Monday, I have been able to go to work with wearing a pad.

Some of us have had miraculos recoverys, others (like me) have had to wait it out until the nerves get readjusted. I've learned the doctors can't tell any individual how soon things will get back to normal. My doctor writes down every detail I give him during my post-op vists. The doctors are learning from us.

The progress I've made so far is encouraging, and look forward to getting rid of the artifical erections and using God's natural.

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I don't see the pump as a device to end in successful sex...but just a therapy for getting blood to the penis so atrophy does not occur. My doc said need to start the pump right after cath removal to get blood to the tissue as that's it's main purpose. I bought a $300 deluxe pump from Erectaid and it works either electric or mannual...I'm afraid of the electric...and only use the mannual...more control. I am also using generic Viagra from India at a fraction of the cost of buying brand name here in the states. I am four months from robotic and now a 1/4 pill of 100mg pill works find for a usable errection.

Randy in indy

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I realize this is an old thread, but just to let folks know. The pump that was recommended from my doctors office was from Augusta Medical and was $500.
When my insurance wouldn't approve it, I received a letter from Augusta Medical for a unit called "Vitality" which they offered for $199. It appeared to be the same unit but without the DVD instructional video.

I did a search on the internet and found the exact same "Vitality" pump at a company in Florida for $88 plus shipping. The battery powered version was $134 which included shipping.

Hope that helps some of you in this area.


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I thought I would let you know that I had a Radical Prostatectomy about 5 years ago. After my surgery my doctor prescribed Viagra, and the other pills. Unfortunately I experienced some really bad side effects. They were so bad that I just could not take them anymore. After trying the pills my doctor prescribed the pos-t-vac pump for me. The pump will not only pull the new oxygenated blood down to my penis to help with the healing process, but it will also help you get and maintain an erection. The pump was around $500.00, but my medicare paid for most of it. I can tell you that not only did it pull the new blood in but with time I was able to create an erection hard enough to have sex with my wife. I will let you know that this did not happen over night but with time and patience we have gotten here today. I still use my pump, and my wife and I are extremely happy. I would highly recommend the pos-t-vac to anyone experiencing erectile dysfunction, or having prostate problems. It changed the quality of my wife and I's life, all for the better I might add.

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