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We found out about 2 weeks ago that my mom has small cell plus it has also gone into her spine. She started her chemo treatments (3 days on 18 days off ) and the first 2 days she had really bad muscle spasums. Today they gave her a pain shot first and all went well today. They are saying she might come home in 2 days. My brain is so fried trying to remember what the doctors say and I feel I can not remember jack. I just needed to talk. Thanks for listening.Michael


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    I'm sorry to hear about your
    I'm sorry to hear about your mother. It is very difficult when a parent is ill. My mom has stage 3a ovarian cancer. So I know how you feel. I had to write everything down to avoid asking the same questions over and over. The doctors were very nice and went slow enough for me to write. I also thought about a small tape recorder, but I didn't know how the doctors would feel about it. When my mom was feeling better I gave her the notebook so she could read it to understand what they said. I hope everything goes well for you and your mom.
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    Taking notes
    Michael, catcon has given excellent advice regarding the taking of notes while sitting in on doctors' visits. I would suggest taking it a step or two beyond: be sure to write down any questions you, mom, or others have that arise between visits and be sure to take these written questions with you for answers at the next visit. We often find that the answers to our questions lead to additional questions.

    Further, you may consider asking the doctors for copies of medical records as they are created, as these also may generate questions and are also handy references in the event any questions about previous treatments and diagnoses arise in the future. If you wait long enough and then ask for what may become a large volume, they are apt to charge on a per page basis, while, typically, if you ask for them on this as-created basis they are not likely to charge.

    Finally, as catcon's quick response indicates, there are many kind and experienced people, both survivors and caregivers, on this site eager to provide you answers to questions if and as they can do so, along with providing you whatever additional support they can. Sometimes that extra set of ears, even if they are digital ones, is all you need to make your day a little easier to deal with.

    Best wishes to your mom and her family.

    Take care,