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Liver surgery delayed

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Well, I was eager to progress to liver resection surgery and get on with my path to a cure. Liver surgery is supposed to be the "Gold Standard" of care.

Before surgery it was suggested I go to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC for a second opinion. The result; the experts thought I should hold off on surgery and try 3-months of more chemo. The cancer lesions were few and small and the chemo was eliminating some of them. This was presented to me as good news. I'm not sure I agree. I want to get on with surgery and a cure.

I guess I need to listen to the MSK experts. It seems like much of the treatment plan is a guessing game.

I want to be done with chemo. Wish me well, I hope after this next 3-mo regimen surgery will follow.


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I know you are ready to be done with chemo. We all are. I know you are anxious but there is no reason to jump the gun. That is good news because there is a potential for cure. You are doing well so hang in there.


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Mike, I know that I couldn't wait to cut it out either, but those guys a Sloan Kettering have a good rep, and hopefully the tumors will continue to shrink. In the surgery they want to get it all and the liver is very vascular, this may be why they want to get the tumors as small as possible. In my case they went in for the one lesion but the pathology report showed remaining cells at the surgical margin. I wanted clean margins so now back on chemo for six months. I am still gonna whip it, it just was not the news I wanted to here.

Hopefully with three more months of chemo, they will be able to remove everything with clean margins for you. Hang in there, soon enough you'll join me in the less liver club.


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I know this isn't what you went there to hear, but in my uneducated opinion, it sounds like good news. Sounds like the chemo's doing good things for you!

Hang in there, buddy. You'll be having that surgery before you know it!


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Hi Mike, I think that that sounds like good news also, I am no expert, but hopefully the 3 more mths of chemo with reaveal positive results...

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3 more months may seem long but it may get you a better outcome. Sending you good thoughts.. Hugs to you, Audrey.

Fight for my love
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Hi Mike,you will have a very good outcome after three month cheom.Please be patient and take one step at a time.Best luck and best wishes to you.

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krystle singer
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Waiting is always a miserable situation. I hope andpray that the wait will be worth it. Personally I am the worst at sitting by the phone, tapping my foot and fingers waiting. Of course you want it over!
I certainly wish you well, completely well and back to 'normal' life. Don't we all long for our lives to go back to pre-cancer days. But will we ever achieve that?

In the meantime, Mike, you are on my prayer list!

Hugs and prayers,

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I know you are wanting to get this chemo over with especially thinking that what you thought was over with really isn't. I think that this second opinion is a good option for you to look at being it is a very good hospital. It sounds like you are responding well. Good luck with 3 more months and hopefully they will all shrink away to nothing.


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Nana b
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My once wanted me to wanted me to do a trial and see if my insurance would cover it, but I didn't want to wait for chemo and a liver resection, I just wanted it out!!

That was just me.....

Best wishes!!

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Hi Mike,

I hear ya in having a disappointment with being told you need to continue some more chemo. A I know more chemo isn't what you wanted to hear, but maybe the additional chemo will actually shrink the rest of those tumors away to nothing!

You hang in there and keep on the fighting spirit. I believe you'll come out fine.

God bless,

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My son in law was DX with Stage 4 CC and the chemo shrunk his tumors in the liver to nothing but the did surgery anyway. They found the tumor with the naked eye and there was still live cells in it. They took all that away and then did 2 more months of chemo but he already has a recurrence. be sure to ask questions GOOd Luck

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Hi Mike,

One more word and thought for you today (Wed.)- if you're okay with me praying for you, I am doing so right now (let me know if you'd rather me not)- I'm praying that God's "got you covered"- and that not only will the tumors start shrinking away, but that you will not lose hope but you will cling to the promise that each day brings a new hope and possibility. I believe that anything is possible with God- don't lose that fighting spirit!!


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Thanks for the kind thoughts words and prayers. Your reply and others have assuaged my concerns and now I am eager to get the next 3-months of chemo done and over. Good things should follow. Best wishes to you and your fight as well.


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You are in my thoughts. Keep up the good fight and before you know it the 3 months will have flown by.


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