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WE ARE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It is Saturday evening around 7:30 pm, we are home from a 3 week stay at the hospital. As you all know we started this journey on July 23, at 7:43 am, the surgery went well, on friday July 24, he was knocking on heavens door, I truly lost my husband but the angels upstairs was not ready to accept him yet, so they set him back to me around 12:00 pm on that same day, when we saw Jeff he had 14 tubes coming out of him, I saw my husband just laying there, I was petrified, scared, and worried, I cried holding his hand and telling him he is strong and has to come back to me, on day 3 was minor change this went on for several days, then he developed lung problems, sinus infection, and not breathing well this went on another week, keep in mind we are still in ICU all this time, I bathed this man, lotioned his feet, i wiped his face, and talked to him I watched him barely take breaths, not knowing if I was going to see this man again to talk too, to laugh with, and to be married to and celebrate our 3rd anniversary on august 21. I continued to come daily and set there until evening when I would go home and pray, and ask GOD to please watch over him. Then on August 3rd approx 8:30 am. I received a call from his ICU nurse telling me he was awake and asking for me that was the best day of my life in these 2 weeks. I never left him that day, I was so thankful that GOD gave him back to me. We was transferred to a surgery floor on tuesday, they got him up that day, on wednesday he walked the halls, and was told that he would go for a swallowing test by the end of week and if he passed he would get to eat.As some of you know you have a NG tube from day one until you are ready to eat, when this came out we knew then we were on our way that was our final tube of the 14 we had to come out. Well, we kept praying cause on friday we took that test passed with flying colors and ate our first meal about 3 pm it was just soup and ice tea, but 3 weeks with no food, was like gold. He kept all that down, and was not sick at all, we wanted to go home on Saturday (today) but knew it wouldn't happen as he hadn't really ate much, but when the surgeon came in he asked if he would like to go home we said HECK yea, but only if we agreed to soft foods, as in mashed potatoes, soups, jello, and pudding we said we would do anything to come home. We were so excited we could hardly wait. We got home about noon today, and since then he has done good, he is sore, tired and can hardly walk but he is home. That is what matters the most.

I have walked some pretty HARD SHOES, and had to wear lots of BIG GIRL PANTIES, but those roads where not easy, but I made it, Only because I have friends on this site that kept lifting my spirits up, kept telling me I fould do this. I am glad they had faith in me. Well to say the least I have RETIRED THOSE SHOES, AND PACKED AWAY THE BIG GIRL PANTIES, but am blessed to have my husband with me once again.

For those getting ready to have the surgery, or is contemplating the surgery, I would recommend it, Its a hard surgery but if you have faith, trust your doctors, and have a good attitude for this you can do it.

Please know I am here to help anyone, I am not a doctor, a counslor, or a lawyer, I am a friend wanting to help someone else if they want the help, I have walked to HELL and back but I made it

THanks everyone

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Hi Lori,

Thank GOD!!! Thing can only get better from here.


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Theres nothing like coming home from the hospital after an ordeal like esophagus surgury. Jeff has a new lease on life, God sent him back to to continue his life with his family. Make every day special and take it easy, It will be a while before yr back to normal but in time you will think it never happened. Wishing you the best ...Chewy

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Glad to hear that everything is OK and we are home Linda is going in for surgery at Sloan on Monday I will post to the group then and let everybody know how she is feeling GREAT NEWS for you Abe

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You and Jeff have sure encountered some bumps along the road. I am so happy to hear that you guys are home and well on the road to recovery. You definitely have danced in the rain!! Way to go!!


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There is nothing like your own bed...congrats on how quickly he was released and how well you handled the whole thing.

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Fantastic news!!! I'm so glad you all are home!!!!

My continued prayers are with you !!!!

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