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Consult yesterday at MAYO

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My Oncologist sent me to MAYO Clinic (Phoenix) for a consultation because after my recent resection, they did not get completely clear margins. They have me on capecitibine and Oxy a regimen called CAPEOX, at the VA. Mayo recommended I keep doing what I am doing, imaing every 2-3 months and their are options, (RFA,Cyberknife, High Dose Pinpoint Radiation) if that margin grows back.

I was pleased to know that a second team recommends I keep up the course I am on. I also have researched alot about the absence of a clear margin on a single liver Met. Statistics say outcomes don'tvary that much due to lack of clear margin. Some of this is due to liver tissue bleeding, after they resect the tumor they have to extensively cauterize to stop the bleeding. There is a good chance the cells at the margin take a frying during this final stage of the surgery.

I am almost six weeks post op and almost finished with the first CAPEOX cycle. So far I tolerate the oral chemo well, with minor stomach upset and occasional cramping.


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That's a very interesting theory you found, Mike. It makes some sense that cauterizing could in effect give you some clear margins - good info there.

Glad things are in high gear for you - you sound really great. I'm following you and want to know how things are going with you.

You made me feel good by getting the Bag Balm - it feels good to give anybody a heads up especially since I took a beatin' for that info because my onc could not tell me what to expect. Bag Balm is one of my cures I carry around in my "medicine bag" when I hear people are taking Xeloda.

BTW, thanks for your "old timer" post reply, I appreciate it.

Take it EZ

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Good to hear a post from you. Mike, and it sounds like you're doing well. I'm so glad! Keep us updated on the margins issue.


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Hi Mike,
Glad to hear that things are going well for you during your treatment. It must be good to know that the 2nd team is in agreement with your first team. You are a strong man.

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Mike, I'm so glad you are doing well, your doctors agree and treatment
is going well......in my book that's batting 100%.....my surgeon
and radiologist had me going for a whole year because one of my
margins kept lighting up in the PET, then they did a liver biphasic scan
and the last two have shown no activity so they have decided that it
is only a quirk in the healing process of the area....then they
did a biphasic of abdomen, chest and pelvic and discovered a few
others things, one nodule on a lung etc. none of which are considered
ca right now..........I like it
that they are watching me like hawks with scans every three months...
you are doing great and hope these keep going well.


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