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choking feeling

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Has anyone else experienced severe choking feeling on a regular basis since having a thyroidectomy? It's been seven months since my surgery and the discomfort is awful.

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Hii. Yes i have that choking feeling. Sometimes my throat feels tight. I was told that it can be scar tissue. I asked my surgeon. How is it going otherwise?

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It's been almost 4 years since my first surgery, and I still have a choked feeling at times when I'm not expecting it. When I yawn mostly, sometimes my throat will squeeze really tight and make me feel like it's cramping or something. I told my doctor and he said it could be scar tissue that is streching. He didn't seem concerned that it was something serious though. On the other hand, if yours is constant and painful as well, it might be something your doc needs to look into. Mine isn't constant, and doesn't last long at all. But, if the discomfort was like yours seems to be, then I would have it checked out again.

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I have the same symptoms when I yawn. I'm glad to hear that it is not uncommon. Lately my seasonal allergies have been making the symptoms worse.

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