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Estrogen positive, progesterone negative, and HER2 negative

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I'm ER positive (ER+), PR negative (PR-), and HER2 negative. I've read several articles that indicate that Tamoxifen or Arimidex are less effective therapies for women with these type of tumors when compared to ER+ PR+.

Does anyone else have the same? If so, what type of hormonal therapy was recommended for you?

Thanks for your responses.


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Sorry I can't help you. I am Er+ PR+ and her2 pos. I am sure someone will pop in here with an answer for you.

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I am also ER positive, PR negative, and HER 2 negative. Actually, I am considered STRONGLY ER positive, and am on Femara. I read the same articles you did, and I once posted the same question on this site. No one seemed to know, but someone did ask an oncology nurse and she said the important thing was that I was strongly ER positive, therefore I would respond to the Femara.

Hope this helps (I am also BRCA 1 by the way),


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Hi Jane! I am ER and PR + and HER2 negative, so, I guess I can't really offer you any advice. Tamoxifen was offered to me, but, I am probably not going to take it.

Good luck to you!

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I am also ER+ PR- Her2- as well. My oncologist said this was a rarer type of cancer and in my case Arimidex (I am 60) is the only drug that might help prevent the return of bc. She said when you are ER+ but PR- that Arimidex has a 30% less chance of being effective than for someone who is both ER and PR positive. She stressed very stongly because both my breast cancers were aggressive and invasive that I needed to be on Arimidex for 5 years in addition to the lumpectomy/chemo and rads.
I hope this helps.

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Alexis F
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I am ER and PR positive, but, HER2 negative. Your oncologist will help you with all of your treatments. Just be sure and ask any question that you have.

Good luck to you!

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