Open vs Da Vinci Surgery

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I am trying to help my husband gather information. After much thought about whether to have surgery or radiation my husband has finally decided to go with surgery. His urologist likes the open surgery better, probably because that's what he performs. After reading many of your stories it seems like most of you have had the Da Vinci. I seems kind of overwhelming to have to start over finding a new surgeon but we both want to go with what will have the best results and the easiest recovery time. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, especially on how to find a Da Vinci surgeon here in Dallas.


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    Try this
    Try this website:

    Just remember that the DaVinci has a high learning curve so you want a surgeon that has several hundred surgeries performed with the Robot. I've read many reports that state the surgeons skill and experience level will impact the cancer control and recovery.

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    Open Vs Da Vinci
    From what I've come to understand is that statistically open and robotic have the same oncological results.
    Da Vinci might have a slight leg up on erectile and continency outcomes, as it is far better at identifying nerve bundles under microscopic precision instruments.
    What really is most important is how much experience the doc has with either.
    If he/she is comfortable with open and has great success rates, that means a lot. Recovery will be longer as the incision is larger.
    If return of erectile function and continency are high on your concerns, Da Vinci with a seasoned surgeon should really be considered.
    It's a tough call when you compare a veteran open surgeon and a newbie robotic surgeon.
    I traveled to NYC for my robotic, found the best (Ash Tewari) and didnt look back.
    I admit, once I met him, I knew I found the right guy.
    Don't be afraid to do some shopping, talk to these docs and dont be afraid to ask about their results.
    I have no regrets, no PSA and no lingering side effects.
    Make sure you are comfortable with the doc, if not, it could be a regret difficult to live with.
    Good luck!