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Sonny- Just got back from my trip to Henry Ford Institute in Detroit

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Well I just got home from my trip to the Henry Ford Medical Complex and the Vattikuti Urology Institute. Had a great trip and left feeling very confident that this is the place for my surgery.

The have a great team assembled there and have a great patient first philosophy set up.

In all I met --- different members of the team and discussed each of their roles in my upcoming da Vinci.

They are about a whole lot more than just the operation.

Arleeta - is the first person the new patient interacts with and is like the central coordinator of all things for the process.

Nancy - is the Liason/Concierge and is the go to person for just about everything. She tends to the family members that come with you and handles just about all of your everyday needs while there. She will even do the grocery shopping for you.

Kristin - is the Surgical Coordinator and handles all the scheduling and insurance contacts.

Lisa - is the Life Coach and Relationship counselor among other things. She is also an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Massage Therapist.

Natalie - is the Nutitionist.

Andrea - is the Lead Nurse for Dr. Menon.

Folusho - is the Physician Assistant for Dr. Menon.

And of Course Dr. Mani Menon.

In all, over the two days I was there, I spent a collective 8 hours meeting with each of them and discussing anything and everything.

I came home with a complete nutrition plan for the time before I go up for the surgery and will receive further info and shopping lists for afterwards.

I was really impressed with the completeness of the plan. There is housing on campus were I will stay while there. A completely furnished and equipped 1 bedroom apartment for a modest $69 (all taxes included). I stayed there the one night I was there and will be very comfortable. The housing building is at most 75 yards from the hospital and the cafeteria. Additionally they have a tremendous assortment of specialty food court type eating establishments.

I'll go up one day before the surgery. Surgery the next day and one night in the hospital. They will use the Foley Catheter for only the one night I am in the hospital and it will be removed and replaced with a Super Pubic Catheter(a tube connected directly to the bladder through one of the incision sites)before I leave to go to the apartment.

The catheter will be removed 1 week from the surgery date. I will stay one more day just to be safe and then fly home. In all I will be there about 9-10 day.

They have thought of everything. The even have a Penile Rehab class before you go home with a plan to begin rehab for the sexual functions almost immediately. Their philosophy is that it is just like any other muscle. You have to keep the blood flowing and keep the muscle strong. Just like all of other muscles they feel it is a "Use or lose it" mentality. The plan even calls for using the muscle as much as you can before the surgery. A well conditioned muscle heals much more quickly. They have found that this approach is what allows them to have such tremendous stats on the almost complete elimination of long term ED issues.

When I asked Dr. Menon about incontinence issues he stated that they just really don't have any. The surgery techniques they have developed and refined have all but eliminated the issue for their patients.

There is so much more, but I think you get the picture. Dr. Menon and his group have done over 2500 (Dr. Menon personally 1200+) surgeries before the da Vinci and 5000 (Dr. Menon 3000+) using the da Vinci.

I don't know that there is a more experienced team out there and I can't find anything that they have left out of the process.

If I missed something that you guys are aware of, let me know please. I have plenty of time to get the follow up answers from them. I will probably go up for the surgery mid-September.

I am picking my wife up from the hospital tomorrow morning, after 6+ weeks. This time frame will give me time to tend to her rehab at home before I go. We haven't decided yet if she will accompany me for the surgery.

I have learned a lot from you guys about PC and feel that you equipped me with all of the question and concerns that I needed addressed in selecting a plan of action.

Thanks to all of you.


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Sounds like you have a plan together and I'm sure you are glad your wife will be home soon from her ordeal. I'm curious about one thing. There is another forum for prostate cancer called Healing Well. A few days ago a man posted on there the following...
"I also know of one doctor at Henry Ford Hospital, Dr. Mani Menon of Detroit, that wants cash up front based on your ability to pay. The surgery part is not covered by insurance according to his staff."

Was curious on your comments to this since you have actually been up to talk to Dr. Menon and would know first hand if you have to pay up front and about insurance paying.

Vanderbilt, where I'm going next week for my surgery also has a great staff and have given me the penile rehab plan to start on.


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Larry, I don't know what insurance the guy who posted on the healing site has but mine in fully covered. There was no discussion of any capital outlay on my part except the co-payments. My family out of pocket has been met for the year and my only cost is my personal deductible in the amount $450 that has not been met. I fully anticipate that will be my only costs associated with the procedure. My insurance even covers my travel fully and hotel accommodations and meals up to $100 per day.

I guess with your date of Aug 12 you are next. Looking forward to your upcoming feedback to the group. Good luck to you and your family. My wife and I will include you in our prayers.

Speaking of my wife; she is at the moment resting comfortably in her own bed in her own house. Just brought her home about an hour age. I am sure that being home will greatly enhance her rehab and recovery.


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Glad your wife is home! That is good news. I'm sure she will recover fast being with and around those that she loves.


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Wow! Great news for you. I am a bit jealous but in a good way. You have the perfect setting and conditions!
Glad to hear your wife is home! Hooray!
It certainly makes sense with the "use it or lose it" theory. Maybe that is why divorce rates are up! HA ! HA!
I am very happy and excited for you. I know we will continue to hear of your progress!

Jim (shubysr)

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Glad you have your surgery planned.
Sounds like you choice of hospitals and staff is a good one.
Congrats to you and your wife you have her home. Everything hopefully will start getting back to normal.
I'll keep you and her in my prayers.

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