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New to this board

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I guess I qualify as a cancer survivor: I survived the treatment, anyway, and thus far things look good.
I was diagnosed with Stage III squamous cell carcinoma of the right tonsil (HPV-related) in June 2008 with one lymph node involved. Did six weeks of radiation and Cisplatin at Johns Hopkins, completing treatment Oct. 5. On Jan. 20 I had a modified radical neck dissection to get rid of that bum lymph node. All the other nodes that were removed were tested and came up clean.
I went through a lot of the same stuff that others here are going through: thrush, mucus, weight loss, loss of saliva, the whole nine yards. So it's nice to find a place where there are others who have been there and done that, or who are going through it now.
If I can contribute any helpful information based on my experience I'll be glad to do so -- but it looks like there's plenty of expertise here already!
Best wishes to all for victory over this crappy disease.

--Jim in Delaware

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I love your attitude, and it is as important as any other part of treatment. You are living testament to the saying "You have Cancer, Cancer doesn't have you."

Keep on a keepin on.


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Welcome. Congrats on getting through the rad/chemo. Same course I did 5 years ago! I had my neck dissection first, though.

Keep postive, things will keep getting better. Good days, bad days.....but DAYS!!

Your 'detour' in the road will be behind you, and you'll be back on life's freeway!


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