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Had chemo number 6 Yeah!

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Time to celebrate the treatments are over for now. I had chemo number 6 on Tuesday and it was an uneventful treatment. Unfortunately my port did not work for drawing blood, so they had to stick my arm anyway. But they were able to get enough blood back to verify the placement and could use the port for the chemo.

My blood work was good. My cancer marker was the same as last time, so that is a good sign. My blood sugar was high before the last two treatments, but I took steroids the night before and the morning of the treatment, so I am sure that is what raised it to 250.

I will have a fasting blood sugar and a HGB A 1C (which shows what the blood sugar has been over the last several months), when I go back in three weeks. I will also have a CAT scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis to make sure the cancer has not spread anywhere else. So after those results are back will be the real time to celebrate.

Today I went for my shot to keep the white blood cells from dropping. I am going to try the Claritin to see if it helps the bone pain from the Neulasta. My onocologist had not heard of it, but said feel free to try it and let her know if it helps.

I also had a gong ceremony to say my treatment is done. They read a nice saying. "Today we celebrate Roberta Wienhoff. We are celbrating life and you as an honored guest. By striking the gong on this day you have sent forth the reverberation of hope and healing to yourself, your family, your community and the world. Today marks a milestone of completion. In confronting your challenges you offer hope to others that they too can discover there is life after cancer. You have earned the title fo survivor and today in this celebration , you shine a light of hope to others touched by this disease. "

Sound the gong one time well,
A sound to clearly say,
My treatments done,
This course is run,
And I am on my way!

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers. They have been much appreciated. Tom and I are ready to get on with our new normal life. In Peace and Caring. HUGS to all of you.

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Oh, Ro....what an exciting day for you! Congratulations....you have been a real trooper and am certain that your CT scans will just fine. Enjoy life and savor every moment...Dance, Laugh, Celebrate!!

I loved your "closing ceremony".... How cool!!


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Great news, Ro! I am so very happy for you. Love the gong ceremony. Continued prayers and support on your new life without cancer. Am just starting on my journey and hope to be as positive, gracious and caring as you have been to all of us.

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Congratulations on finishing all your chemo treatments. I loved the gong ceremony. Now take some time to enjoy life. My prayers are with you.

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Congratulations on this HUGE milestone! You did it! I'm so happy this part of your journey is behind you, sweetie, SO happy!

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So glad you are finished with your treatments! You are a special lady and although I am not happy about our cancer diagnoses, I am thankful that I was able to "meet" you. You have been so supportive and offered much caring and concern to myself and the others here. You are amazing! May God bless you always! Good luck with your follow up in 3 weeks, please keep us posted!
Love and Hugs,

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I had just been looking at the charming picture of you and the gong and thinking how it appeared to symbolize victory. I went to your recent post. I have to say, what they read and had you say during the gong ceremony was wonderful, heartwarming, and so incredibly positive.

How outstandingly nice of, was it your doctor's office or the hospital that did that. Either way it was far above the ordinary, and a very excetptional act on their part to help their patients. Good for them, Great for you. I am printing it out to inspire me on my way to where I ultimately desire to be.

Congratulations on bearing through, marching on and having your eyes always on the prize, a cancer free future.

As always, love, health and hope for us all,


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Teresa 61
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Congratulations Ro, so happy your treatments are completed.

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Ro, another milestone! I'm happy for you - Congrats.

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Teresa, I love your new pic. You look happy and healthy!

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Teresa 61
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Hope all is going well for you. I know you have had good news, but also know you have been left hanging again with your latest test. What an emotional roller coaster!!!
Thank you for letting me know my new picture has posted. Ever since we went to the new uterine cancer site, I have had nothing but trouble getting everyone's posts. My computer still shows the old picture. The new picture was taken yesterday, Julie was at camp for a week in Big Bear, Ca.,thats in the mountains behind us, one hour from where we live and Buck and I went on a day trip to San Diego, Ca which is by the ocean, one hour west of where we live. We had a really nice week going here and there while Julie was at camp.
I look healthy because I gained 17 pounds during treatments. WHEW!!!

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It took me ages to figure this out. But if you remember to regularly go up to your toolbar and hit "VIEW" and then click on "REFRESH" in the drop-down box, all of the updated photos will appear.

And I try to remember to 'refresh' before I log out, because sometimes a brand-new post that was just made appears that I would have missed.

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I wish 17 pounds is all I had gained! The radiation oncologist told my niece and I at my appointment that my weight gain was a "stress response" as there are no fat or calories in the chemotherapy. I didn't say it, but I was thinking "have you ever had chemo?" I know not all of the weight I have gained is from chemo, but those steroids sure did give me a big appetite. My brother's weight also ballooned when he had chemo. Mine is a combination of less activity, chemo, stress, menopause and quiting smoking. I worked for a cardiologist that told his patients it would be healthier for them to gain 30 pounds than it was for them to smoke. Anyway I think you look very healthy and happy!

Linda, do you just refresh the browser?

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There's something about finishing that last treatment that is so liberating. When I had breast cancer I saw a breast cancer therapist and she said finishing treatment is often anxiety producing because no one is doing anything and you feel vulnerable. I think this is true. It takes a while to keep going forward. I felt like I was on thin ice in Minnesota walking forward; always a little afraid that I was going to fall in. Chemo is rough but it does bring success!

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