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To Hana7475...I know where your at

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Hey Nancy! This is certainly a scary trip...no doubt about that. I found this site a few days after my first treatment & I come every day. They are pretty awesome in here! I was so apprehensive before my first treatment, but it wasn't as bad as I thought.(But then..whom of us envisioned putting toxins in our body anyway??) The only thing that I really get apprehensive about is the Neulasta shot to build up my WBC. I did not do well with that. I'm due for my 2nd one tomorrow, and I am so dreading it. I had such pelvic pain. I'm not a baby, I just have no patience for it. I want it gone...right now, becus I want to move on and it hung on for a day or 2. I am on the Taxol, Cisplatin IP with the port. So far I have been most fortunate...have had no nausea, still have a good appetite, my bloodwork keeps coming back good, I have lost hair, but to date it has mostly just thinned out.I started on 7/8. What are you going to be doing? Please keep in touch with how its going...we can compare notes & whatever as we go along. Good luck with your first treatment...trust me...you are a lot stronger than you think!! ((hugs)) to you! Beth

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