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Update on my brother

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Lets see he was admitted july 8th, had brain surgery july 16, hip surgery july 22 5 hour operation, At skilled nursing facility as of july 30th. i talk to my brother every other day he is bummed out still can't urinate or poop has cath in him but the pooping is a big issue they have to remove the impaction he still can't go they are giving him so much stuff to make him go but with the hip he is pretty much bed ridden and the pain meds don't help the constipation. as of todsy they do have a plan of attack with the brain cancer. Cyberknife then radiation them chemo for 6 weeks they scan his head next week and go from there. Thanks again for all your prayers His cancer treatment is just begining and i pray that all goes well with that and he starts to feel better from the hip and his bodily funtions start to work.As for me i will be moving into a apartment and starting over with my life ,I just got a cell phone it came threw the mail now i just got to find out how to work it angel did all that
i will go to the store and have them help me. we took all the parts that angel put on the harley off and i will call harley to pick up the bike. this is all so upsetting to me but it has to be done, it is hot today they said 114.I am trying my best but it is hard at times but angel made me a strong women and i will survive. thanks again to all of heros


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Ohhhh - it sounds like your brother is having such a hard time. I hope that things get easier for him. You sound so brave. Keep up the great work!

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Michelle it sill sounds like your brother is going through so much. This has to be so hard on you, especially with the bike. I'm sure Angel made you strong and you take advantage of that.

Hugs! Kim

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I can so relate to the not being able to poop thing. I just can't imagine being bedridden and feeling like that! That poor, poor man! I truly feel for him. And you! It sounds like your life is already being upheaved, and so soon. I believe Angel did make you strong, girl...look at you go!

Send your brother my best wishes for a speedy recovery!


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Best luck and best wishes to your brother,hope he is going to get through this soon.There is always hope.

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I'm praying for your brother. He's going through so much right now.

I know you're also having such an upheaval to everything in your life right now. Wives do depend on their husbands so much, and I know you miss Angel so much.


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girl i know you can do it.sorry about your brother hope things with him get better.i think of you often as you know my mom lives in scottsdale and i email her everyday.she came out here to ky when i was first dx she stayed about 6 monthsto help me.sure was nice to have mom take care of me at 44 yrs old.well take care and i know you can do this Godbless...johnnybegood

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I'm sorry your brother is having problems, I will pray that he gets better soon,I'm also sorry about the bike.Hang in there,you can do it.

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You are an amazing woman (like everyone on here including the men :-)
Can't imagine how you are coping with all this, but you are very strong and I admire you
Praying for you and your brother

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I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through...I am so sorry....Just keep thinking how proud Angel is of you for going on and doing what you have to do and not curling up in a ball and not facing life (which I am sure there are days you want to do this )..You are getting stronger every day on your own...This is a good sign....
I will keep your brother in my prayers and you as well....One day at a time....... JULIE

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