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How can a tumor be staged before surgery? mY DH won't know until after his surgery and the tumor and lymph nodes are tested - which is tomorrow....I am soo confused - did I misunderstand something with the info that was given to us?

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It can be confusing. If it's stage III there is evidence in the lymph nodes of cancer (I believe) stage IV is that it is present in other organs. You can find more online about staging I'm sure. The main thing is that they get all the cancer out, the rest, in my opinion, is semantics.
You want the cancer OUT!
Good luck, don't let the minor things bog you down, it is what it is.
Just get it taken care of
All the best,

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Hi, I am stage 4, I had a tumor in my colon, that was removed. I also had multiple lymph nodes that were affected. No other organs. I believe if your cancer has Mets. as mine did to the lymph nodes, and depending how many were affected, that is how the determine the stage. Always ask your dr. if you are confused. As, Phil said, don't dwell on what stage it is, just put your positive thinking on getting well! Positive thinking is what is getting me through. I just found out I have areas in both lungs, I was bumming for a few days, but now I have my boxing gloves on, and I am ready for round 2!!! FIGHT!
Love and Hugs!

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First of all, I am praying that your husband has a complete response to his surgery and all goes well. I know that they told me the stage after they first found it. Most doctors like to do a CT scan after diagnosis to see if the cancer has spread, if it has to other organs then I believe it is a Stage IV. Colon tumor cancer usually grows very slow. Mine had been there for years. Remember, after his surgery makes sure he walks, walks, walks and this will help him heal much faster. He is going to be sore, but this is essential to getting up and around and helping his "now sleeping" digestive track to start waking up. Let us please know how hubby's surgery went. Thinking of you both.


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