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Clinic called today

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The oncology clinic called me today with blood tests from yesterday. I just can't win at these WBC/RBC and platelets. Last week my WBC was 2.6 (good enough for chemo) and Neutrophil was 1.25 (good enough for chemo) and platelet count was 75 (bad for chemo). Today WBC was down to 1.8 and Neutrophil was .80, but platelet count went up to 159 (yippee). However, I can't still do chemo and this was a postponed week because my counts weren't good enough last week. I told the nurse I wanted something. I know last week there is nothing I could do about the platelet count being low but the WBC yes there is so I wanted it. The nurse got a hold of the oncology doctor on call and he said to come in tomorrow and get another blood test and if that doesn't show my WBC and Neutrophil to go up I get the N shot Monday and Tuesday - can't remember what it is. Then I would go in for chemo on Wednesday. I am praying that things go well this week.

I didn't realize that the oncology department was open on Sundays. I was never given the option to go on the weekend (not that I would want that anyway).

I just can't understand how my WBC and Neutorphil tanked so bad when I had two weeks "off" chemo and they were good the week after chemo.

Your input as to how these counts go down after being off chemo would be greatly appreciated.

Hugs! Kim

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i have been off chemo for 3 wks now and i feel worse than ever.i called the onc and talked to the nurse.she told me since i was done with chemo the side effects will get worse before getting better.this whole chemo thing has really messed my blood up. so far i have had 2 units of platelets and 2 units of blood,towards the end my wbc counts were good but my platelets were still low.so now i am taking a vitamin b to help with all these side effects.i dont understand the counts either i just know being on the chemo has about killed me.even though im done it feels like im still hooked up to the stuff.good luck to you and hope you can finish soon Godbless.....johnnybegood

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I do take the Neulasta Shot after each chemo round. It stimulates the growth of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell important to the body's fight against infection.
-- I am saying a special prayer for you tonight, my friend.

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But the Neupogin (Neulasta) REALLY helped my WBC...

Keep your head up, my brave warrior, it truly is a limited time...and then you can go back to living life...

(BTW, my WBC stayed low for almost a year after chemo...my onc said there was "no cause for alarm")

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm sorry to hear about this, Kim. I'd hoped it would 'fix itself' and you could get on with this and GET IT OVER!

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You know I'm pulling for you!


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I hope your blood work is good enough so you can start chemo again i am sending god vibes


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