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kindness and grace

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when my love told me he had ec
my heart stopped
he was scared and needed me
when my love grew tired and weak
my faith was tested
his outlook stayed focused
never give up
we pledge daily
my love needed me
and forever
whatever that is
I am his and I
and he
believes and he Lives
so just for today
with kindness and grace
we smile and laugh
and play~ : )

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THANKS that is awesome, I needed that today.


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thanks for the words for inspriation

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Joined: Jan 2009

We all are stressed on this site. If we weren't scared out of our wits, we would not be seeking support via this venue. Healing is holistic it entails physical (doctors,meds,etc)also it is emotional and spiritual.

Kindness doesn't cost us one thing. When someone new comes on this site, if you are in a negative place and their post pushes your buttons, have the grace and courtesy not to respond. Wait till you have something that "supports" the person in their best interest. It is monumental this pain and rollar coaster of dealing with a horrible diagnosis of cancer. We are doing the best we can with what we got.

My love has been going through rounds of oral chemo since jan09, and he works everyday and he works the 12 step program and he is a fighter. He is my heart and I am terrified of losing him. He is a being of light that shines on all who know him. We are not alone, you are not alone. Never Never Never Never Give Up is the motto. NGU! smiles~ Terry

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