Alkaline and Acid Food List

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Here's what i typed in google" alkaline acid chart and I picked one of the sites that showed up.

This site had some very helpful information. Towards the bottom of the page there is some reference to whether a food is highly, moderately or slightly alkaline of acidic.

Cancer prefers acidic foods. And don't be fooled by how you think of a particular food. Lemon, after being processed by the body, becomes very alkaline, also good for your liver, which is a major detoxifyer. I don't think it menitons green tea, but while black tea is acidic, green tea tends towards alkalinity. A study, hopefully looked at green and black tea and coffe in regards to breast cancer and determined for the study that while green tea was helpful in counteracting tendency towards breast cancer, black tea drinkers tended towards more cancer and coffee drinkers were a wash. In the future I will try to always save the url with the file.

Google is your friend.

Of course some sites just want to sell you something. The university studies will often tell who it is that is funding their studies. Gov can sometimes have good info also.

I'll periodically look things up and past the urls here or elswhere on the site.


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    Bringing this to the forefront
    This has very basic information that might prove helpful to some.