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Just thinking about you. Hoping you are enjoying your vacation! :~)

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I'm back from the beach, tanned and happy! We mostly did a lot of sand digging and sun and surf, and beach-y things like flying kites, crabbing, boogie-boarding, reading, family poker tournaments, drinking coolers, eating seafood and pounds of fudge, beach walks, souveneir shopping, surf fishing, and excursions to a water park, miniature golf and the Boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. My only problem (minor) was swollen feet and ankles from all the walking and the long car rides.

Link to my BEACH PHOTOS (Warning: there are over 100, and I am not in many of them as I was behind the camera, so don't confuse me with the OTHER grandma that came along! I posed with each of the grandkids and someone did a group shot on the Boardwalk that I am in; and someone snapped me kite flying in a black sun hat; and coming down a big slide with my granddaughter, WAVING a big "hi"!):


I need to work my way through the postings I missed. But thanks so much for missing me! You were the reason I went to an internet cafe while I was away, Deanna. I just had to know that your test results were good. And they were! WOO WOO!

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I am glad to hear you had a good time on your vacation. It is nice to have you back posting here. I did have to have the repeat biopsy this past Thursday as the pathologists (of which there were several) requested a more generous tissue sampling. My doctor emphasized that there were no recurrent uterine cancer cells, but there were some atypical cells that warranted another look. There are some immune studies they did that include the markers for lymphoma (5 or 6 of them), one of these came back positive. Of course that had to report it and that they "could not rule out lymphoma." So the best course of action is to get more tissue and find out exactly what it is. Dr. B. said it could still be inflammation or infection causing the cells to look "atypical." The 2 nodes in question had not gotten any bigger since July 1 when I had my scans. So... I wait again. I feel cautiously optomistic that this is going to turn out to be nothing major! I have also been having an odd symptom of itching. Usually starting with my hands, feet, elbows or knees and gradually dispersing to my entire body. There is no rash that you can feel, a couple of times I have gotten red blotches under the skin. A couple of times it has looked like hives. Doctor gave me a medrol dose pack that I finished today. Didn't seem to help much. It is some kind of histamine, allergy event, but I can not for the life of me figure out what it is from. Anyone else have any weird stuff like that? Could it be the chemo still?
My hubby thinks it is anxiety. I will admit when this whole lymph node thing started, I could have gone off the deep end pretty easily. Now I feel calm and collected... consciously anyway. He spoke to the nurse practitioner about it and she spoke to me, but we didn't change anything. Just wait and see. Makes me feel like I am losing it! LOL.
Well I am going to try to go take a look at your pictures.
Thanks for checking on me during your trip. You are amazing!

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Sometimes itching can be a symptom of liver problems. The itcing is present way before any liver type blood tests reveal problems with the liver. Were there any remarks on your PET/CT report that mentioned anything about the iver? mild enlargement oR fatty liver?

I had two lymph nodes that grew about a half centimeter in six months time. I had had a persistent infection in the tissue of my face, requested and was given a two week course of antibiotics prior to the PET, just cause I thought that the infection might show that dreaded metobolic activity, while only being a wayward reaction to an infection. The PET/CT results did not show any increased growth or metobolic activity even though the node at the time was 1.5cm. Reports say that while pet is not always reliable at node sizes less than 1cm, once the node is lcm or greater the accuracy rate jumps to 99%.

I'm sending this whole thing because very often you have a number of odd symptoms that you don't put together as being anything. Take a look and see if the itching along with some other matching symptom might not be troubling you. Blood tests for the liver issues don't show notable numbers til the disease is fairly progressed.

The following is a quote from Dr. Sanda Cabot's web page


Abnormal metabolism of fats
•Abnormalities in the level of fats in the blood stream. For example; elevated LDL cholesterol and reduced HDL cholesterol and elevated triglycerides.
•Arteries blocked with fat, leading to high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.
•Build up of fat in other body organs (fatty degeneration of organs).
•Lumps of fat in the skin (lipomas and other fatty tumors).
•Excessive weight gain, which may lead to obesity.
•Inability to lose weight even while dieting.
•Sluggish metabolism.
•Protuberant abdomen (pot belly).
•Fatty liver.
•Roll of fat around the upper abdomen - (liver roll).
Digestive problems
•Gall stones and gall bladder disease.
•Intolerance to fatty foods.
•Intolerance to alcohol.
•Nausea and vomiting attacks.
•Abdominal bloating.
•Irritable bowel syndrome.
•Pain over the liver - (upper right corner of abdomen & lower right rib cage).
Blood sugar problems
•Craving for sugar.
•Hypoglycaemia and unstable blood sugar levels.
•Mature onset diabetes (Type 2) is common in those with a fatty liver.
Nervous system
•Mood changes such as anger and irritability.
•Metaphysically the liver is known as the "seat of anger".
•Poor concentration and "foggy brain".
•Overheating of the body, especially the face and torso.
•Recurrent headaches (including migraine) associated with nausea.
Immune dysfunction
•Allergies - sinusitis, hay fever, asthma, dermatitis, hives, etc.
•Multiple food and chemical sensitivities.
•Skin rashes and inflammations.
•Increased risk of autoimmune diseases.
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
•Increase in recurrent viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.
External signs
•Coated tongue.
•Bad breath.
•Skin rashes.
•Itchy skin (pruritus).
•Excessive sweating.
•Offensive body odour.
•Dark circles under the eyes.
•Yellow discoloration of the eyes.
•Red, swollen, itchy eyes (allergic eyes).
•Acne rosacea - (red pimples around the nose, cheeks and chin).
•Brownish spots and blemishes on the skin (liver spots).
•Red palms and soles which may also be itchy and inflamed.
•Flushed facial appearance or excessive facial blood vessels (capillaries/ veins).
Hormonal Imbalance
•Intolerance to hormone replacement therapy or the contraceptive pill (eg. side effects)
•Menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes may be more severe.
•Premenstrual syndrome may be more severe."

Hopefully, it's just a reaction to a new detergent. But thought you might want the info anyway. : ~ )

As always, love, HEALTH and hope to us all,


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Thank you for the info, I will keep it in mind. I am still having the itching even after the prednisone pack. I will be talking to the doctor this week, hopefully to get the results of the biopsy done last Thursday. I was so shocked and freaked out the day I got the PET/CT results, that I never even asked for a copy of the report. I definately need to do that. I also want to ask about CA 125 as they have not mentioned that recently, although I don't know how predictive it is for me as it has always been normal.
I too am hoping for a reaction to detergent or something like that. I have 2 ideas... one being that on our vacation, my SIL brought the laundry detergent and I didn't even pay attention to what kind it was. Two is that we got a pool last month and I am wondering if my skin is reacting to the chlorine? We may have to look into an alternative to chlorine if the itching stops after pool season.
Again, thanks for the info
Love and hugs,

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I've had some of this recently too. But my chemo ended in Feb. Thought it might be mango I ate - now wonder if it is laundry detergent - just bought a different brand. HMMMM. I'm going to go back to the usual brand and see what happens.

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