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worried// MD Anderson

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Hi, Some of you have seen me on here before and here I am again. The last time I was on here I had stage 3 colon cancer i had a resection and did 6 months of chemo. 7 months after the end of my chemo my cancer came back. This time I had my whole colon removed my surgeon told me by doing that I had a better chance of never getting cancer again. when I went to see my oncoligst she told me because the cancer also got into my small intestine that I was now stage 4 my surgeon told me that he only had to take about 2 inches of my small intestine but the oncoligist said it doesnt matter that I am stage 4. At that time my wife and I began to cry and then one of the nurses came in and handed me 2 packs of lexapro and said take these for depression and be back in here monday morning for chemo. I am currently going to Siteman cancer center in St Louis Mo. because that is where I live but I am not very happy. I called MD Anderson on Friday and they want me to come there on the 14th can anybody tell me anything about this cancer center I have search the web and it sounds like a great place to go.

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I have no personal experience, but I gather from many comments of patients that it is indeed a great place to go.

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MD Anderson is the premiere cancer center. They are on the cutting edge of everything. If there are other options out there they will find them and they will have doctors who perform cutting edge procedures too. If you don`t mind traveling or staying in Houston for a little while you would be remiss by not a at least checking them out.


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I too live in the St. Louis area. I am stage IV with mets to lungs and liver. I went to MD Anderson for my second opinion and I did not have a good experience there at all. They tack a number on you and rustle you thru like cattle. I wished I had gone to Sloan-Kettering. I have come across a few people on the site that have been to MDA and loved it. This is just my opinion.

My onc. is across the river on the Illinois side. When I am ready for future treatments such as RFA it will be done at Siteman, SLU or Washington University. If I cannot get what I want there then I will be going to Sloan-Kettering. Good luck to you. PM me if you have any questions.


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there are a number of cancer centers that have been mentioned that people would go to again, Anderson, Sloan and Mayo. I went to Mayo. And for me it has always been a relief that I was at one of the best places, the trust level is very high. It does make a difference.

Your story brought forth a question that came up in my treatment. Did you have the genetic testing done on your cancer? Before my surgeon would open me up, she wanted the results of the testing. She said she could do the surgery without the results, and if they came back positive it would be a matter of time before she was back in taking out the entire colon, that the genetic kind almost always reappears in the colon (as well as other places). Just a thought that your post brought forth.

I think going through a national cancer center helps, I knew that all the bases are being covered, and that is so critical to fight this monster.

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I had colorectal cancer with mets to the liver. My surgeon here in Kansas refered me to MD Anderson for the liver resection. I truely believe that place and Dr Curley gave me a chance and my life back. Yes, you are given a number but there are sooo many people there. I never felt like a number. The dr's and nurses really know what they are doing. It is a bit overwhelming but in my opinopn and to some that may not mean much, I truely believe that is the place to be if you have cancer.

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