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Long shot here but who knows

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Hi to all. My name is Nick and I just first want to thank all who have posted here. You all dont realize how much it helps hearing from others who have this insidious disease. Ok my long shot is does anyone here know anything about Mercy Hospital in Scranton and a Dr. named Robert Ramey? I had bone scan and ct scan friday but wont know the results till next week. Its setting in now I have cancer and must get it treated but I believe because of my age (52) I must try surgery if it hasnt been found to spread outside the prostrate. Again I hope you all find a level of peace whatever your decision was and bless you all for help and support.

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You may be able to Google the hospital, by typing in the name and reviews. As far as the doctor, it's a personal decision, however, I would choose one who is honest, but optimistic, and treats you, the person, in addition to the disease. I was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer, however, it comes down to the same thing. You may go to healthmad.com to read my story. Title: "Never Bring Fear to a Cancer Fight."

Best wishes!

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I can relate to your post about it just settling in that you have cancer. I am 54. My father was treated for Prostate Cancer back in 1997 at age 66. I knew I would most likely be faaced with it just not age age 54.

I have done tons of reading from the internet and three different books, talked to about 8 different men from different treatment methods. Some conversations were in person and others via phone or email. I have opted for the Robotic surgery coming up On August 12th.

Research your Doctor, Ask if he has some patients that would be willing to talk to you, ask how many of the robotic surgeries he has performed. See if there is a local Prostate cancer support group in your area. I found the town I live in has one. I met 5 men that all had went to the same surgeon that I have picked. These online forums also help me as they have you.


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I am not sure you seen my previous post to your question. Since Scranton is my hometown---Mercy Hospital has been great to my family over the years. I just don't know Dr Ramey.


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