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Thank you to all that responded. Jkino bay had reported that MOM674 was briefly on the board, but she fought hard and had a tough run. Unfortunately, she did not make it and passed away in December. May she rest in peace. Hunpot did not check back in, but hope she is doing well after her mom passed away in August 2008.

My apologies for not spending that much time on the board, but I volunteer for a lot of veteran projects. I did complete my 11th year and am still cancer free.

A warm welcome to the new members in this group and a thank you for those who responded.

Bany: Will pray that your dad recovers. Since he finished his treatment in March, hope he can recover some of the 70 pounds he lost.

Jkinobay: Glad to hear that your April PET/CT scan went well. Enjoy your fishing in Mexico.

Luckfl: My prayers are with you while you are still in treatment after removal of your left tonsil and some lymph notes.

PBAILEY: Am happy to hear that your recent MRI turned out good.

Souplady: Am assuming you are still receiving treatment after removal of your tonsil in May. Here’s wishing you the very best. I like your name. I eat a lot of soup so I could be the soupman.

TIM_WWJD: We wish you will in your post treatment after being diagnosed earlier this year.

Victor53: Glad to hear you had good results on your scan in April. How was the July scan? You may be back in Costa Rica by the time you read this.

Wboaz: Let us know if that spot in your right lung clears up. From your last posting in May, you should have had the followup scan.

Finally to sassyque: Pittsburgh was my team a long time ago when I was with the Army in a place called Oakdale. I used to live in Coraopolis, just outside the airport. I do not have any favorites now. Good luck on the Steelers this year.

The following had not checked in, but I do hope they are still with us:

Bughunter, Tennessee
Craig_Griffin, Indiana
Cwctcher, Virginia
Devildawg, Michigan
Garyr, New Mexico
Geezer, Florida
Jagged, Washington
Jodyman, Texas
Ljoy, Texas/Minnesota
Lolojldunn, Montana
Lorileona, Wisconsin
Moondreamer, Phoenix
Marywiz15, Colorado
Paula002, Montreal
Slickwilly, Michigan
Sash, Florida
SIRENAF42, Texas
TereB, Texas
Train-nut, Oklahoma

I hope the above persons check in so we know they are well. If I missed a posting, it was not intentional. There are other names I see on the board, but they have not asked to be part of this roll call. Only those who had responded are listed.

See you in January 2010.

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