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My Mother is a 3-C, what does this mean?

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It's been one week now and she starts chemo Thursday, She sees the surgeon Monday. They are waiting to do surgery until the chemo has been tried and they are hoping it will help to shrink the main tumor and some of the "stragglers" as I call them. The oncologist was wonderful. The nurse was great. I feel very good leaving my mother in their hands. The Dr. used the term cure. Is that really possible? I am a little concerned that my mother thinks this is going to be 6 chemos a surgery and she's done. From everything I have learned it's more of a remission, thing and then another round. I feel quite positive. My mother is certain she is going to get every side effect that they went over. I can't wait to get back to MN to my own home. Is that terrible? Oh, one last thing. Why is she fighting everything? If the doctor told me I need to take this before chemo I would take it. She has to negotiate everything. Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts and feel like a member of this group already. Prayers to you all tonight. Somehow I feel blessed. May you all find some peace this weekend!! LisaQ

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Here is what I found on-line about the stages of OVCA.
Staging ovarian cancer

Stage 1
Stage 1 ovarian cancer means the cancer is only in the ovaries. It is divided into three groups

Stage 1a = The cancer is contained inside one ovary
Stage 1b = The cancer is contained inside both ovaries
Stage 1c = 1a or 1b AND either there is some cancer on the surface of at least one ovary OR cancer cells are found in fluid taken from inside your abdomen during surgery OR the ovary ruptures (bursts) before or during surgery

Stage 2
Stage 2 means the cancer has grown outside the ovary or ovaries, but it is also inside the lower tummy area (pelvis). Stage 2 cancer can be

2a = The cancer has spread into the fallopian tubes or the womb
2b = The cancer has grown into other tissues in the pelvis, for example the bladder or rectum
2c = 2a or 2b AND either there is some cancer on the surface of at least one ovary OR cancer cells are found in fluid taken from inside your abdomen during surgery OR the ovary ruptures (bursts) before or during surgery

Stage 3
Stage 3 cancer of the ovary means the cancer has spread outside the pelvis into the abdominal cavity. Your cancer is also stage 3 if cancer is found in the lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, groin or behind the womb. So stage 3 cancer can be

3a = Cancer can be seen under the microscope in tissue taken from the lining of the abdomen (peritoneum) or the omentum (a fatty layer over the top of the intestines)
3b = There are tumour growths 2cm or smaller on the lining of the abdomen
3c = There are tumour growths larger than 2cm on the lining of the abdomen; the lymph nodes in the upper abdomen, groin or behind the womb contain cancer

Stage 4
The cancer has spread into other body organs such as the liver or lungs. (If ovarian cancer is on the surface of the liver but not within the liver itself, then the cancer is regarded as stage 3.)

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I had four chemo treatments before surgery to shrink the tumors. That shrunk them more than half in size and dropped my CA-125 from 2999 to 35. Then I had the surgery and five more chemos. Your mother may learn the hard way about being proactive with the chemo. I did everything the doctor said plus everything the ladies advised on this discussion group and I believe everything helped. I had a little bone pain, no nausea, and lots of contipation until I learned the hard way to start treating that before each treatment. I took the nausea pills! I took the pain killers! And I take an anti depressant to sleep.

So, LisaQ, you are being a good daughter. It is tough being in both roles, caretaker and carereceiver. Sometimes I snap at my husband and it usually when I am in some pain.

Things will get better, because we are all praying for you and your mother.

((Hugs and Prayers))

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And that is the key. As Saundra said, things will get better because WE WILL PRAY!

God is so much bigger than the circumstances we find ourselves in. We will be lifting your mom and family up before the Lord.

In His Grip,

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Thanks to you all. I already warned my mother about the constipation. I keep encouraging her. The Doc told her she would lose her hair and wrote her a prescription for a wig. We are going to the drug store tomorrow to make sure she has enough extra strength tylenol and anti-constipation. I hope the chemo works. I feel far more optimistic than a week ago and so does my mother. Then I wonder if I am deluding myself. Thanks for the prayers. I know they all help!!

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It's good to be able to join this site and know there are others who share the same predicament.
My mum who is 63 years old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3 on 23rd July, 2009. She couldn't accept it and was so angry that she didn't want to have an operation as advised by the doctor. It took us over a week to convince her and to pray for her and request everyone to pray for her so that she would change her mind.
She had operation on the 24th. August, 2009 to remove her uterus, ovaries, omentum and other 'seedlings' as the doctor called them.
The doctor then informed me and my siblings that mum has ovarian cancer stage 3c.It was devastating to know and find out what that meant. We haven't told mum yet because the prognosis doesn't seem too good right now...
To keep my spirits up i am cheerful in front of mum and relatives and friends but it's really hurting inside to know what is coming...
Right now, mum is resting at home before her next appointment on the 8th. Sept. She is a strong woman and I pray everyday that God makes her strong and help her recover fully..

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Thanks so much for posting. Give this some time. Even in one month and 2 chemos my perspective has changed dramatically. This news is so shocking initially, and we have no idea what this disease can or will do. Prognosis, Shrogmosis. Read all the posts here and you are going to learn that prognosis means nothing. Mnay of the women here have had poor prognoses and are going strong today. There are many women who have had stage 4 cancer who are NED (No existing disease) as well. NO ONE knows how this disease may grow or shrink, NO ONE. And so, we all fight the fight. Together. There are remarkable research studies going on and new protocols being developed every day. I know this is very hard initially, but I assure you, you will adapt and learn that it is a journey that has challenges and joys and pains. One thing is for sure, the women here are amazing. Come in and read the board and you will see. My mother's growth was so spread that they are waiting to do the surgery. I still have great hope for her. Also, be sure to have yourself checked out. I am BRCA positive and my docs are taking all my equipment as well. Also, one last thing, my first post here occurred because my mother absolutley shredded me one night with her anger. Of course your mother is angry. Who wouldn't be? But she will move through that. ANger is a sign of a fighter!! Have Hope because there is great hope...

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Hi, I just found this support group yesterday and have finally gotten ready to reply. I was diagosed on 9/27/07, and had surgery and six rounds of Carbo and taxol. I've been off chemo since Feb. of 08. I was 3-c also and my ca-125 test is still within the normal range but is creeping up. I have recently moved to a new state and am going through a divorce and am so stressed by everything that I cry very easily. This web site has helped me to see that I'm not alone. I do want to share what has helped me with my horrible constipation. It is a drug called Colchicine tabs which I take three times a day and I try to space these eight hours apart. It is made from the crocus seed and was an early form of chemo. Now it is used for gout, but a side effect of this drug is diareha which I usually don't get but it does help me to go. I found out about this drug from a friend who was taking it for mouth sores and asked my doctor and he wrote a prescription and I've been taking it ever since. It sometimes makes me a little nautious and then I either skip a dose or increase the time between pills. It has been a real help to me.
I will say a prayer for all of you who like me are fighting this disease which has changed my life so much. I pray that we all either go into remissions or stay in them if we are already there.
veggie gal

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