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I think I've got a bowel obstruction ;-( What can I expect?

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I've got all the symptoms, and my nurse had me double-up on Milk of Magnesia + use fleet enemas.

I can't keep anything down besides yogurt... yet an apple goes through me (can the apple get through if there's a blockage??)

Anyway, it looks like I'm going into the hospital tomorrow if something doesn't change soon (I don't think it's going to).

what will they do? Does it definitely mean surgery? Or a colostomy bag??

Any answers will sure be appreciated. I'm scared & worried~

Thank you,
~Susan xoxo ((hugs & prayers to all)

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Hi Susan,

I haven't had an obstruction yet, but do have tumors on my colon. I have diverticulitis, and had horrific pain (and diarhhea) before a cat scan showed that I had a perforation. At first they put in a drain, and when that didn't work, they did have to take out a section of my colon. Although I was told that I would undoubtedly come out of surgery with a bag, I didn't. Does your doctor offer his opinion? They haven't done a cat scan yet? I think that I have read on this forum where others have had obstructions, so perhaps they will see your post and reply with more information than I have. Anyway, by tomorrow you should know. I understand why you are scared and worried, I was too with my situation. I hope and pray that all goes well for you! Keep us posted. Luv and hugs, MM

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My mom had a partial small bowel obstruction.

Your best bet is the hospital.

My mom had to have a tube put down her nose to get all of the stomach contents taken out. It is awfully dangerous if all of the food is kept in the stomach area :(

My mom's obstruction was caught early and surgery was the last bet. But the tube worked wonders.

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I had surgery last Sept. I was in the hospital for a total of 16 days. Was not a lot of fun

but had other things going on to. I had thrown up bile and been so sick for months and then

when my fever would not go down and I would not stop throwign up, they did something. I feel

so much better now as far as that goes.

Hope I've been of some help.


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Thank you everyone for your great responses.

I am doing better (whew!!!) The nurse at my oncologist's office had me go on a double-dose
laxative, lots of water, and a liquid diet.

I think it's working, as my pain is diminishing and traveling lower into my abdomen. But I am SO exhausted; haven't slept well in a week; and the last time I kept down a "real meal" was
a week ago today. I'm starting to get hungry, and I hope that's a good sign.

My vomiting stopped (whew!!!), so I'm just now eating lots of soups and drinking as much water as I can to get things 'cleared out'.

Boy; it seems it's just one thing after another with this cancer. I hope and pray that I get some remission time soon...

Love & Prayers to all~
~Susan xoxo

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Glad that the nurse was able to help you. I think we all have to be proactive with the bowel thing...seems like we all struggle at one time or another with the fear of the "bag" hanging on our minds. I had to take about three pain pills this week end and took stool softeners right along with them as I knew hydrocodone to be constipating. Keep drinking the water. I hope that you are back on solid food soon as you get things
going rightly. Saundra

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Hello to everyone!

And, Saundra, thanks for the info about Hydrocodone. I have a prescription from March when I was in the hospital, and have been taking some of them this past five days to help with sleep, and back pain at night. I just thought that my constipation was still from the chemo I had last Wednesday. This forum helps so much!!!!! Luv to all, MM

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Hi Susan... sorry for the satire this morning but couldn't resist as I read your post. :-)

Sounds like things are starting to move along and you well be feeling back to your old self soon. Glad the nausea is gone and your nurses were so helpful.

I start taking extra senna the day before chemo and the day of chemo I take 8 tablets a day along with the miralax and extra water. Bowel obstructions are no fun at all.

Anyway I hope this finds all things moving along for you. Hugs ♥ Prayers bonnie

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Oh Bonnie, we all need a laugh each and every day. And even your second sentence had me still laughing.

Susan, I too am glad things are moving along.

In His Grip,

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Thank you for all of your replies!

I'm still on a liquid diet, other than yogurt (the probiotics kind)

Soups go right through me; water was also for a while, but now I'm
starting to pee again, so I think that's good. I'm doing my best to
keep from getting dehydrated and stay OUT of that hospital!!

For dinner tonight I"m going to try moving on to Cream of Wheat.

But another question: "If it wasn't a blockage, but things "needed to
move", and they DID move down from under my left rib-cage to my abdomen;
should I be expecting 'stool' to come out eventually?? Does anyone know
how long this might take? (been on fluids since last Friday).

Thanks again~
~Susan xoxo

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