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Hi you all: Yesterday was one month since my surgery. AS I posted, I had to be readmitted because I had too much fluid in my lung, but I was let out again on 7-14. Yesterday I went to my Oncologyst, and the news is great on both sides. First my Thoracic Dr. tells me that he was able to remove everything including my lymph nodes and that I am now clean. My Onc. tells me the same and even tells me that "YOU ARE A LUCKY MAN" I do not need any Chemo or any other treatment. I am driving and doing some work on the road but most of it is driving and visiting old clients. I do get tired easy and often get some pains but I am told it is normal after only four weeks from surgery. I guess am lucky becaue at 77 what more can I expect. I also learned that this monster was there for a long time but was not aggressive and when it started getting aggressive we caught him and got him out. I confess that I am a little concerned with some shortness of breath at times but mostly when I get a little upset. the only medication I am taking is: My BP control pill, (Norvasc 5mg One daily) My Percacet if and when I need it and my .5 Xanax if and when I need it. None of my doctors want to see me any more until a few months from now Oct. except for my Onc. who wants a C Scan done ASAP just to keep control. I already had two X rays and all is fine. I AM TAKING NOTHING FOR GRANTED BUT I AM NOT LETTING THIS MONSTER CONTROL ME. At my age I am extremely active and I am trying to continue my normal routine (prior to surgery) so although I am told that I must get lots of rest for proper internal healing I have no time for resting.. AS OF THIS WRITING AM GETTING READY TO M.C. A GRAND OPENING, BUT AS A PROFESSIONAL SINGER DANCER, I MAY HAVE TO LIMIT WHAT I DO. My voice fades at times but I am told that it will also come back to normal....... PLEASE FORGIVE THE TYPOS.


DONCARLOS. 7-31-09

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That's wonderful news Doncarlos! Keep up the fight and prevail! Also, have fun at the Grand Opening!

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Thanks. It went very well. I was a little concerned because it was a big crowd. I was tempted to perform beyond doing the announcement and introducing the principals but I was afraid of losing my breath during a song. I will wait a little longer. the anxiety also plays a big part when you return to normal life, but I just put it behind me and now I feel better. Caughing a little bit but that is also normal????


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You are a trouper to the core, DonCarlos!

Are you allowed to use an inhaler for the shortness of breath?


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I asked if I needed Oxygen or any assistance, but they said no. I do keep my tube and breathing to keep up building my ability to breath.. I am up to 2,500 level., but I know that I am not 100%. One thing I did notice is that if I am hot (in the heat) I will have some problems, so I need to avoid the heat. I also guess that my ribs are starting to get themselves in place and that hurts. I DO NOT WANT TO GET OVER CONFIDENT.

wish you all well. Don Carlos

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Glenna M
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I am so happy to hear how well you are doing after one month. I know how tempting it must be to try to do everything you used to but please give yourself time to heal properly and get your strength back.

Congratulations again, best wishes for continued improvement.


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