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stage 4 colon canceer

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I made the big mistake of stumbling onto survival stats on the internet. That really sent me on a spiral downward. Any stage 4 survivors out there? Any advice? Does anyone use supplements or diet along with their onc therapies?


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Don't pay any attention to the survival stats,they are all outdated,and will only make you feel bad.There are alot of stage 4 survivers here.I used,and still use b complex vitamins with therapies,and I try to eat alot of vegatables,and fruit.If you have any questions just ask,you can get alot of information here.

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If you go to www.colonclub.com and look at their calendars from 2005-2009, you'll read lots of survival stories of Stage 4 plus see their pictures. I only came across one 'deceased' and she had advanced Stage 4 in her mid 50's.

Add Vitamin D3, Calcium, Exercise and when not on chemo, 1 aspirin a day. All those things help prevent recurrences! NO RED MEATS or one 4 ounce piece once a month. The Mediterranean Diet is being tested as a way to increase disease free survival.


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Of those who post here, we occasionally hear from long term survivors, but not many (I am not one -- I only had stage 2). We occasionally hear of deaths, but not many. As others point out, the current statistics probably do not fully reflect recently developed treatments, and of course they cannot take into account future treatments which we can reasonably hope for in the next few years.

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I am a stage IV survivor, four and a half years since my diagnosis, and feeling great. My oncologist wanted me only to take a general vitamin during my treatment, and I was moderately careful with my diet. If I can answer any questions, please let me know. My e-mail is SSmith25@aol.com.

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At a minimum a peer reviewed research study is five to seven years in the making. Oxiliplatin has not even been FDA approved that long. Avastin only since 2004 and not for as many things as they currently use it. The other thing is, economics, many of the people in the studies are there because they have no other course due to insurance restrictions etc.

My oncologist says " nobody can tell anyone how long someone will live" the variables are too many and in many ways some of us will fight this disease as a chronic condition. Lots of things are happening in science and many of us will be cured, NED or living kife with cancer for years before the statistics catch up. If you find one ofthose doctors that puts an expiration date on you, look out back for their horse and cart, they are selling snake oil.

We all have bad days and feel a little sorry. Even these days are days with our family, days on earth with hope for the next day. Best of luck and come along, I am in the mood to kill some cancer cells.


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My husband was diagnosed 10/04 - Stage IV (colon tumor and liver tumors). The first doctor wasn't sure he would survive the weekend and wanted to do immediate surgery - I said "no" -wanted to get full picture first. We found liver surgeon who said -"WE ARE GOING FOR THE CURE!"....our journey still continues and there is even more research and hope than when my husband started his cancer journey 5 years ago. If you have any questions or want more info -I am always happy to share.
You are in my prayers and thoughts,

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My father in law was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer and it is in the liver as well. He had the 1st 48 hour chemo drip and before that he was very sick and ate very little. Now, he won't eat either. It has been over 2 weeks since he has had any substantial food. He drinks some, but not as much as he should. What did you find to get your husband to eat that worked? How long can he go without eating? Do we just leave him alone or do we keep trying to get him to eat? He gets upset when we keep trying to push food on him.

Thank you very much.

Paul 1959
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While I was on 5fu chemo I had the same reactions to food.It also made me extremly tired after the first treatmwnt I slept a good portion of a 48 hour period and felt like crap for a week after.
Is your dad on 5fu?I was on it for approximatly 12 cycles.My oncologist has since changed me to another chemo treatment as 5fu was causing too many side effects.Numbnesss in my fingers and toes loss of balance,loss of appetite.I lost about 60 lbs on that regime.

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Protein shakes are very good!! provides building blocks for the body and helps support the immune system.
Try ones with as little sugar/sweeteners/additives as possible.

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Your husbands story gives me such hope, I am also stage IV and have it in my liver. I had my colon resected and now doing folfox and avastan. I am on my 4th treatment. Will be on 5 on Tues. God Bless, Patti

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My husband was diagnosed in September of 2006 with stage 4 colorectal cancer. We have done numerous chemos, plus radiation, and surgeries. The cancer has metasticized to his lungs. Though the cancer is not gone, he is still fighting, and he doesn't look like he is sick at all!

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