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Craving popcorn..... can I eat it???

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Man... I really want some popcorn...BAD! A few people said this is not a good food to eat because of shells. Can I or can't I have it???? Hurry... I got the munchies

Thank you..... Jennie

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I've continued to eat popcorn all throughout the last two years of treatment- no one ever told me not to and I never even thought about it possibly being an issue until you just mentioned it. It's not given me any problems. I guess it might be different if someone has an ileostomy or colostomy bag, or are still recovering from colon surgery.
I didn't have the colon surgery and it's not been an issue.
I see what you're saying, though, and am still wondering because my last MRI said I had "numerous diverticula", which are little indents and pockets in my colon. I'm wondering if they could get stuck in there. Hmmm.... anyone else have thoughts on it?


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They radiated me very hard in the rectum, the hips, and lower back, so my GI told me my intestines looked like "fried bacon." The rectum resection was very difficult too, because so there was so little margin left in which to hook me back up, it was very close.

As a result of both of those events, I suffered tremendously from anything that I ate for the 1st years, which is way more than most people would have to endure. It has actually taken now about 4-5 years to get the bowel to settle down and learn to become what it largely will be for the rest of my days, unless it gets worse as I get older, who knows?

I was told not to eat popcorn or peanuts, because they would be like gravel in my guts and cause me pain - I tried them both and they did just that, tore me up.

Diverticulitis can definteily be had eating popcorn, so I just stopped eating that and have not in 5 years now. I tried some peanuts recently and if I keep the dose small, those taste good and are great in protein...eat too many and lets just say that peanuts can keep things
"moving right on thru." Really works better than most of the fiber ideas I'm reading. If you eat some each day, it will help you in that regard. They still taste good too, especially the Honey Roasted, mmmm good.

Anything that I eat though can still come back to haunt me, not as much as previous years, but I'm always reminded. Whatever you eat has to come out and that's when things can still ger very interesting.

I just try to stay away from the popcorn though - not worth the risk or the pain.

Lisa, strawberries can also cause diverticulitis too with their seeds becoming lodged in the colon too...but I've eaten those and enjoyed them...maybe I've paid for them and maybe not. But they are good to eat, so I try those from time to time.

My treatments and such always seem to differ from the rest of the groups and I'm on the outside looking in...but safe to say that radiation and the rectal surgery changed the way that I process food.

Anyway, that's my take on it...Jennie I'm late to the post, so I'm sure by now you've enjoyed yourself a big bowl, melt some butter on it for me...I can still smell it and almost taste it.

I'm outta' here...Craig

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I have a colostomy,and when they did my surgery my apendix was also taken out.I checked with the surgeon and she said it was ok to eat popcorn.I've been eating popcorn five days a week for about a year with no problems.We have a popcorn machine at work.

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well... I ate about a handful of popccorn and then asked my onc. today. He said I could eat anything I wanted to. I am heading to the store for more popcorn.... Thanks guys!


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I have a colostomy, just got it in March this year, it depends on rhe person is what the doctor told me, everything you put in your mouth is going to be "Trial and Error", where some people with colostomies can eat certain things that may not even agree with other people who have colostomies.

What I do is try it, (keeping the beano or gas-x next to me on my bedside)and if it's giving me bad gas pains, then I won't eat them again, and if not, well, yahooo! I can eat it, and it won't hurt me!

So if you haven't tried it, mske ya a small bowl, and chew it very slowly in tiny bites...you must chew your food well with this new digestive system.

Popcorn never bothered me, and hopefully it doesn't bother you either!

Enjoy and Hugssss!

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Popcorn flavored rice cakes. HULLESS popcorn (bit expensive...but, well, when the craving hits, I don't care how much it costs!

Mmmmmmm, kinda getting one now....wonder what they have here in The Netherlands....

Hugs, Kathi

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Funny that you mention popcorn, because I just had a big bowl! I was never much of a popcorn eater before but it seems like the last 6 months I've become one. My doctors told me I could eat whatever I felt like eating, and popcorn doesn't seem to bother me, which is great! Enjoy your popcorn!!!

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You deserve to treat yourself. I say if you can eat popcorn without it bothering you then eat the heck out of it. Try eating a little and see what happens. I`ll be the devil on your shoulder. Do it, Jennie. Do it!

Eric } : . }

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Thanks guys!!!!! ric...u devil u...lol. I ate cheese popcorn.... then popped a bag in the microwave..... YUM YUM YUM........ finger linkin good


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