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changing Al's chemo need advice

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Hi everybody,

Went to clinic yesterday to see Dr. Gibson, he came up with a new game plan since Al was
having such a hard time with the continous 5fu. He will be getting weekly treatments of 2
chemo meds Platinol & Campotosar. Dr. G said just as effective just different.

I know he knows what he's doing but if any one has been on the cocktail please let me know
how it's going.

I'm scared he is just finally getting back to" normal" his color is better and the diarrhea
is just about gone, eating better.

I have 4 more weeks----then new PET scan & hopefully enough shrinkage for Dr. Luketich to
do his thing.

Then I will be in Moe's shoes. I want to be in those shoes as crazy as it may sound my husbands life depends on the
ability for him to have the surgery.

My prayers are with all of you as always.

Thanks for the help.


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I don't know anything about your husband's new "cocktail," but I wanted to let you know that my prayers will be with you guys as he goes through this transition. I bet you can find quite a bit of information on that chemo regimen online. I also know from speaking with William that you are in great hands with your hospital and surgeon, so I would assume that your doc knows what he's doing. If my doc would have changed my chemo regimen during treatments I would have trusted him full-heartedly. and...it's not crazy to want to be in Moe's shoes, when I first was diagnosed I wanted surgery in the worst way just to get that nasty tumor out of me...so I definitely understand your wanting your husband to have the surgery.

I wish you the best!!


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Are you sure you want my shoes? Okay if you want them I will pass them to you with no problem. But you will also need my "BIG GIRL PANTIES TOO", you know I am not sorry we had the surgery, but I will tell you to get prepared listen to my posts and especially William Marshall's post, at first I was so scared of what he was telling me that I said "NO DEAL" but as time went on I knew we made the correct decision, please continue reading my posts as this helps you more and more, the only thing is, is he having the kind of surgery William had or is he having the kind my husband had? please let me know. We are one week post op and let me tell you I am just now able to relax, but hopefully this time next week I can bring him home. I will be awaiting your answer, but remember if you take "MY SHOES, YOU HAVE TO TAKE MY BIG GIRL PANTIES TOO"

Lori aka MOE

ps is that right william????

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I will take your Shoes, Panties what ever you want. I'm glad you have your sense of humor!!
Any way Al will be having the same type of surgery that William had--I'm almost 100% sure
Al has the same surgeon that helped save William Dr. James Luketich from the University of Pittsburgh who has done more of the less invasive surgeries than anyone else
I think. We would have to ask William he is the expert. I just have to make it 4 more weeks of chemo. Then re-testing you know how all that goes then if all is good 4 weeks later the surgery. You sure do learn alot in a hurry. I have been a Medical Assistant for
20 years. This gives me a little more understanding of what is going on but I know that
now I'm the wife of someone who has EC and thats it.

Thanks for the laugh, my prayers are with you and your family.


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Hi all!!

Yes, Kathy, that is the same surgeon William had!! Yes, he has done more of those surgeries than anyone!! I did so much research before deciding to move my dad there and I found that Drs. in Europe had traveled here to be trained by him. So Al and hopefully my dad will be in the best hands ever!!

I do love the big girl panties!! That's always fun to read!! Atleast we can all get a good laugh from that!!

Prayers are with you guys!!

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