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happy birthday KathiM

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Hi Kathi
Hope your birthday has been fabulous in Holland; what a lovely place to celebrate life!!!1

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It's almost over...but WHAT a DAY!!!!

First, I got breakfast in bed. Then, opened presents. Then, off to a town called Staphorst, where they were having 'tradition days'. All the ladies wore beautiful, period outfits, and there was a 2-hour 'fashion show', complete with VERY little ones...blond and blue-eyed, of course!

Then dinner out on the terrace at a busy restaurant, and then, home to a surprise party!!!! It was so grand!

Yesterday, we went an spent the day in Amsterdam. The weather was perfect, and we biked to and from the train station. In Amsterdam, we had a 'backstage tour' of a beautiful art deco theater. Then lunch overlooking one of the many canals that run thru the city. Then on to a museum of items from in the 400's B.C. Then strolling the shopping streets, sitting on the main square drinking coffee, and back home on the train.

All in all, a PERFECT birthday!

Hugs to all, pictures to follow.....


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It is so nice to see a familiar name and knowing how well you are doing. I have been away for 10 months, but remember all your posts from the "old days"....Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Birthday and many more years to match!

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Aren't they great! Very many more

Fight for my love
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Hi Kathi,I am late,but still"Happy Birthday"!I am so glad to hear you had such a nice birthday.I will follow up your photos.

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Celebrate again, and again :)

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I'm late, but happy belated birthday! I'm glad you are having a good trip and I wish you many more happy birthdays to come!


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packing my bags as I type, oh yea, forgot, I don't like to fly, oh well, sigh, will have to wait for the pictures

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BOO on me, I"m late! I just heard, I"m so sorry, I hope you have an awesome birthday, with many more headed your way!!

Have amazing day!


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Happy Belated B'Day, Kathi

Another July birthday among us. Your post sounded so good...what a full day...and so magnificent...I got tired just reading it :)

I've heard it is so beautiful over there and hope one day that I could visit such a place as that.

A really warming post and made me happy and happy for you.


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It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Enjoy the rest of your birthday and enjoy your continued trip.


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Your trip sounds wonderful have a grat day.

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Happy Birthday!!! I would say to have a lovely day, but I read your post, and you obviously did.


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Happy Birthday Kathi. I savor every one now days. Glad to here it was great.


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I hope it's a wonderful one.

I am saving my pennies for a dutch style bike (it's actually Danish and built in Germany)made by Velorbis. I LOVE the way the Dutch women ride everywhere in their skirts. I loved Holland. So I am quite envious that you get to be there.

Many blessings to you.

peace, emily

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Happy Birthday!!...Sounds like you day was wonderful!! What a great celebration!!
Best wishes for many more!!

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