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Lori (Moe)

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I wasn't sure if you'd check this or Facebook first, so I just wanted to tell you I am so happy that Jeff is doing better. Also, thought everyone would want to know that Jeff's oxygen level has been able to be turned down so he is breathing more on his own and he is alert when others walk in the room, so a definite improvement today!! I know she appreciates all the prayers she can get!


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Yes our family is so glad he has made such a big IMPROVEMENT, I will miss you while you are gone so be sure to check back with us. have fun on vacation and will continue to post and yes we still need prayers

Lori aka moe

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Happy to hear the prayers are working. I've been praying and hoping for the best for Jeff and your family too. Sounds like he is beginning to turn around and move forward to coming home. Keep up the posts, I report in the evenings in chat.
Marilynn aka wicker_woman

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yes i am trying to keep things up please continue to pray for us he is doing really really awesome now, hopefully be on a floor this time next week. I haven't been in chat room for a while due to him miss talking to everyone.


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Glad to hear Jeff is doing better!!! I'm so happy to hear prayers are working!!!


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