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1 week to go....

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Well a week from today dh will be in the operating room...my mind is blank - all the tests and pre surgery tests are done and all the doctor appts. - now we just have to wait for next wed. alot of time to sit and pray and think... hope we put it to good use. I hope everyone else is doing well - I read the boards often for comfort and guidance...I think of all of you and respect how STRONG all of you are...thank you for being here for us. *sigh*

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Keep positive thoughts going. It helped me to prepare for the return home before I went in the hospital. I bought 6 cans of soup broth, Progresso Chicken Noodle (or Rice) Soup, fruit cocktail in the can, peanut butter, saltine crackers (great for nausea), pudding, bananas, popsicles, Arizona Green tea, applesauce and grape juice. ----------

Get prescription from the doctor for pain pills before leaving the hospital and have them filled on the way home just in case they are needed. -------- I slept in the recliner at home because I was uncomfortable getting in and out of the bed. I just needed a pillow and comforter (or sheet). Get some comedy movies to watch – laughter is the best medicine.

Before going in the hospital, I called my insurance company to make sure that I was preauthorized for my time in the hospital so that I would be covered by my insurance. I cancelled my newspaper and mail for 3 days.

Packing for the hospital - Bedroom shoes are needed for walking the halls. They want you to walk as soon as possible (and often). I brought my own shampoo and hair dryer and washed my hair as soon as I could. It made me feel so much better. I also brought glass cleaner for my glasses. I brought a note pad and pen to write questions for doctor.

----My husband was a great comfort to me by staying with me overnight.

Hope these are some tips you can use. All of us here are united through our experience with cancer. I will say a special prayer tonight for your family and send positive thoughts your way.

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Best of luck on the surgery. You've heard us all talk...and now it's time to walk the walk. You will not be alone on this journey, we'll all be thinking and praying for you and DH. Hoping for peace and calm and a successful surgery and a great recovery.


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Try to think of it this way-just one week to go until your husband begins his healing process.

I'll be praying for y'all.


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Thanks so much again - the ideas are awesome...we were wondering things just like that - what to eat, what to bring, and how can dh be comfortable after...never thought to ask those questions. Craig - you hit the nail right on the head - I think that is what was overwhelming - the thought of this all finally getting started...but as Gail said his healing begins next Wed. - I am not going to think of anything beyond that as I am finally getting the message from my brain - I can't think beyond that and what the results of the surgery wil be...we'll stay in touch - hope everybody has a good day today...

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The morning after surgery, I was told I could put on my on p.j.s! I'd not brought any with me so one of our grown kids ran to target and bought me some for that day. I could even wear my own panties. They'd removed the cath when I first woke that day. My surgery was above my navel. Choose your jammies or gown according to that.

I wasn't scared of the surgery at all, tho I'd never been sick, and just thought of it as cutting out the bad stuff!

Do you have a laptop? Our oldest son brought me one to use but I kept looking for the key pad! EEK

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I also made spaghetti and baked chicken which I put in containers and then in the freezer. We were able to eat these for more than a week without taking the time to cook and clean after the surgery. My best to you and your dh.

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This is a very scary time preparing mentally and physically for surgery. I know I was scared to pieces before my surgery. Not knowing what to except and hoping that all went well, but it will for your husband too.

Make sure he walks the hallways a lot and I mean a lot. Even when he is sore, get him up at least for a little walk. He will probably get bad cramps from the bowels shutting down after surgery, but walking will help with that.

I had pudding, jello, soup, mashed potatoes (good for you too), applesauce and just soft foods when coming home (depending on his diet). Try to introduce foods slowly so his tummy doesn't get upset.

Make sure pain meds are given before the pain gets too bad or they won't work. You need to stay even with the pain, not try and catch up.

Even at home, keep up the walking. This will help him recovery a lot faster. When he needs rest, make sure he gets it and don't let him push himself.

Let us know how it goes! Kim

Fight for my love
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I totally understand how you feel.My hubby is going to finish the preoperative treatment tomorrow,so the next step is surgery.Thank you very much for bringing this topic up,I was going to ask about the same thing too.Best luck to you and your hubby and hope his surgery goes well and gets done successfully.

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Have larger clothes for him to wear home, sometimes the abdomen is still swollen and is tender, jeans aren't comfortable for some. Also have pillows, blanket and something handy in case he gets sick on the ride home. Pillows help to cushion so he won't feel the bumps in the road. I brought clothes to wear after I had my resection but chose to wear the hospital gown instead. It made it easier, I had my IV, the morphine pump, a drain in, my ileostomy and my epidural. Quite alot to wake up to. I was able to come home on day 10. Just getting dressed and the ride home I was pretty tired. Thank goodness for pain meds. Good luck to you.

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Blessings to you and your husband, ppm20wife! We are all praying for you both! I love those 'things to remember' that lizzy to you, because even though I've been through a couple of surgeries, I still forget things! Anyway, I know your DH will come through this with flying colors!


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