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Has anyone taken cisplatin, doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide? Please share your experiences.

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My mom's doctor recommend this combination for recurred UPSC. Please share your side effects and whether the drug works for you.
Thank you

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I didn't realize no one had responded to you. I did my usual highlight, copy and paste into Google, and found some studies from the mid '80's to late '90's. They talk about response and side effects. I don't know if you would be interested in that sort of info.
Here's one:

Found that by typing in the three drug combo and then uterine cancer.

Found the side effects with three drug combo and side-effects. I know it is absolutely better to have personal experience to relate to, only things vary so much from person to person, that sometimes studies give a better overall picture. Not as comforting, just a bit more informative.

Would you be able to remind me of what stage she was originally and where it has occurred? Maybe her age, anything you can tell me would help my search parameters.
It's so hard to deal with when it's a parent, I know. My dad died from cancer and at the time I didn't have a computer and had no way to help him other than love and not allowing his doctors to take away his hope, which they are apt to do, with their fatalistic, "there's nothing you can do for yourself" attitude. Sorry. Just remembering.

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Thank you for responding. I am sorry about your father. I am too busy with 2 little ones at home (3 months and 2 year old) and don't have enough time to do extensive research.
My mom was diagonized with UPSC at 61. When she was dx, she was stage IIIa. Now the cancer has spread to her stomach so I believe she is stage IVB. I am extemely worried b/c it recurred few months after she finished her carb/ taxol chemo. I am not sure if the new drug we are talking about do any better. Please share anything you know.

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I've said this oodles of times before, I am not a doctor or in any way do I have any medical knowledge. What I do is go on google and google questions that people have 'til my eyes get too tired to do it anymore. That said, I do not know and have as yet been able to locate a reference for you to look at, in the meantime, many studies hove shown that a vegetarian diet can help with you body's ability to fight cancer on a cellular level. While you are deciding what to do,

ask your mom to:

stop eating meat -any kind, but in particular red and processed meats

sugar-other than naturally occurring sugars in fruit and veggies,

try to eat organic whenever possible

and to eat on the alkaline side of an alkaline acid food chart. (I will get a url for a chart.)

If she can, have her walk or do some exercise as this boosts the immune system.

Also a change to filtered water, not necessarily bottled water but tap water passed through a reliable filter. Or perhaps ionized water would be better, don't know about that one.

I know you are probably thinking you need miracles and this sounds like hog wash, but what you're really looking for is a way to perhaps slow the progression, while you figure out what to do. This is a way for you to help your body fight your cancer, a way to work with your natural response to cancer.

I always offer my phone number. I would like to have some website info available that I can offer as reference in the future, but for right now, while I have articles, I don't always have the corresponding urls.
My email has changed
Phone 947-517-9417

Much luck. Take heart. Give your mom a hug.

Those used to be more common prior to taxol's appearance on the scene, I think.
I am reluctant to send stuff that is no very hopeful. You understand.

UPSC is most often treated similarly to ovarian especially in recurrence. There are trials for this cancer once it comes back
Cetuximab a study from 2006-2011
NCTOO392769 it's something to look at.
I don't have the url, here's the contact info

Trial Lead Organizations/Sponsors
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center at University of Texas
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company - New York
Judith Wolf, MD Principal Investigator

Judith Wolf, MD Ph: 713-794-1422

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I read that the current 'Gold Standard' for treatment of a recurrance of UPSC is:
1.) surgery to reduce residual disease to less than 2 cm.; then
2.) TAP = paciltaxel + cisplatin + doxorubicin; then
3.) tumor-directed radiation.

Of course, everyone's individual cancer is different, but this treatment protocol statistically has resulted in an average of 8.3 months of remission before further intervention is needed. There is a good chance of toxicity with this treatment, but the oncologists will monitor it closely, as they do with all chemo combos.

Any chance she can have some gene testing done for the recurrance? Did they see if she exhibits HER2 neu-gene amplication? If so, that may account for the fast recurrance and resistance to her initial chemo. Although HER-2 indicates a poorer prognosis because it's such a 'super-cancer, resistant-to-chemo', it does open up the possibility that targeted molecular therapies would work for her if more traditional chemos do not. I didn't get anywhere when I pushed my oncologist for these tests right after my surgery, but I got the feeling that if I had a recurrance shortly after I finished my initial chemo/radiation treatments, he would be support me getting tissue testing for HER-2 and P53 mutations. Of course, now you are probably moving into an area where your insurance will balk at paying for anythung experimental.

(((Big Hug))))

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