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Dangers of Using Public Computers at Hospitals and Treatment Centers

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I just thought I'd comment on this since I see it VERY often when I am here at SK. Many facilities have computers for people to use for research, checking emails or instant messaging. Almost every time I come here I see that AIM is open and people have their screen names and passwords SAVED to the computer so anyone can log on to their account and send false messages and who knows what else. Today I rounded up about dozen people whose names I saw on AIM and who had their passwords saved to the computer and emailed them to let them know that they are compromising their accounts. It's not like they could hack into your bank but you never know how they could trick comeome into giving out personal information.

Just something to remmeber, don't click in the "SAVE PASSWORD" box to save it on a PUBLIC computer, and always wear a condom.

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Yes that is very good advice. My problem is, why would anyone save their password on a public computer, just doesn't make sense to me. It's so easy to hack information from a computer and to give someone easy access is scary. And I always wear a condom :) sometimes two of them


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I've found open email accounts along with open AIM accounts. I think some people may get a prompt asking if they want the password saved and they automatically say yes. Glad to hear you are protected Kim ;-)

Also, Fight for my love talked about using the same password for everything. That is not a good idea either. Great point.

Fight for my love
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Thank you,Phil,this is a great suggestion.Many people worry that they have bad memory,so they use the same password everywhere.This habbit makes it very easy to be hacked.Anyway thank you very much,this should be aware of.

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