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Interleukin-2 or IL-2 Have you experienced this treatment?

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My wife has been diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma after being cancer free 18 years from melanoma and her oncologist has prescribed Interleukin (IL2)chemotherapy for her. Has anybody had any experience with this chemo treatment? Our journey starts in August with the IL2 treatments.


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Hi there~ sorry I didnt see this sooner. I am also stage IV and thanks to IL-2 I am currently 3 years and 2 months cancer free.

I started an awareness website and there are some IL-2 tips on there that should help your wife get through the treatment. www.operationsunshield.org

Feel free to contact me, more then happy to help. I know how scarey all this can be, but there is hope!

Stay strong~ Jane

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Hi, Jane, thanks for your response. As I told you my wife had melanoma 18 years ago. It was a mole on her forehead. Dermotologist did biopsy and sent us to oncologist who removed it and lymph nodes under her chin. She has faithfully returned for followup exams and chest Xrays and the one in June revealed "spots" on her lungs. After CT, MRI, PET and biopsy, we were informed that she has 3 tumors in and on her lungs and one on her trachea. She is scheduled to start IL-2 chemotherapy August 18. We have looked at your website and I must complement you. It is very informative and the IL-2 tips are appreciated. You are an angel to have created this awareness website. Oncologist told us that odds are good that the IL2 will help. He also told us that he has patients who have gone 5 - 10 - 15 years in remission after undergoing IL2 chemo. We are going to face this with a positive attitude and ask God for his healing power. We'll be in contact with you.

Hanging it there and staying strong, JR1949

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I am also now stage IV and start interlukin 2 treatment on Monday and really appreciate the information that you have provided. I don't know which scared me more - the itching or the thought of gaining 20-30 pounds!!!

Fighting all the way!!

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