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"Tumor Fever"

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Has anyone else experienced "tumor fevers?" I've been running a fever anywhere from 99.2 or so up to 101 for the last several weeks. Along with it, I get the usual aches and pains and all that. Plus one minute I'm chilled, and the next I'm sweating through my t-shirt! I'm on a 75mg patch of fentanyl, which manages the pain pretty well, and I'll take a Percocet to manage any breakthrough pain. Also taking a lot of Tylenol to try and keep the fever down.

The doctors have attributed the fevers to just being a side effect of the tumor and I've talked to other cancer patients who have experienced the same thing. Just wondering if anyone here has been through this. It's starting to wear on me!

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my wife has been having the same type of fever and finally today my local family doc found the answer...a germ called "mycoplasma pneumonia". This after a hospital stay and numerous tests and xrays and ct sacans none of which showed anything positive. The positive came through blood work and with the prescription( I don't have the name,will look tonight) she will beat the fever and mend within 48 hrs.....may be worth a look


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Hi mate,

I didn´t have a "fever" but before I started Kemo I felt myself some kind of warm (wife used to check temp and always negative but I know myself and know what was I feeling) at a time and five minutes later, I was chilled.
I attributed that to the tumor too.
When I got first kemo I started with fever 3rd. day after kemo, wife got worried, called my onco and she ordered a blood test. It was an infection and she medicated me against that. Since then I have had no more chilling/fever episodes so as in the post above, check that way, it may be an infection.

Keep your attitude and keep fighting mate, don´t let this to wear on you, fight! fight! fight!


Ps. As for the medication she prescribed, the name was "Ciprofloxacin", it worked well on me but I strongly recommend not to take any medication without medical prescription, I am giving this info just as a an illustration mate.

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Thanks for the help guys. I'll definitely look into the pneumonia thing. Gotta go, I'm getting tired!

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