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having surgery tomorrow very anxious

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Hi all, Unfortuanatly I am not new to cancer. I had a right upper lobectomy 2 years ago. They found the Kidney cancer during my routine 2year CT scan. No biopsy, so I won't know what kind, or if it is lung cancer or primary till tomorrow. My question is: any of you who are still up, is I keep reading about the pain associated with laproscopy and regular surgery in kidney removal. I will be having my right kidney removed because of the location of the cancer. How long was your hospital stay. I can't seem to get an answer to that question. I know everyone is different but surly there is a general time spent in the hospital and from everything I have been reading from you guys it sound worse than having a lung removed. Can someone set me stright. Thanks Gailone

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I started out with colon cancer and after a CT scan it was discovered that I also had a kidney mass. Because of the two, the doctors decided they would open me up 'stem to stern' and do both procedures at once. After the initial muscle spasms from the incision (which made me yell out loud), things progressed well. I was off all pain meds by my 4th postop day. I stayed in for 7 days mostly because of the colon and having to make sure everything was moving around down there, kinda like the requirements before you can leave the hospital after having a baby. So hopefully it will be shorter for you. It does seem like your doctor should be able to give you an idea...mine told me 7-10 days.

Well I just noticed that you were probably having the surgery on the 28th. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I hope all went well for you.

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