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OCTOMAN, please share

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Ocotoman, please share your story again. I asked you a few questions on another post but I don't think you saw it. So you never had surgery and had mets to liver? My husband is in the same boat. His first round of chemo and radiation had no effect on the tumor and he now has mets to the liver. This round of chemo is a doozy. He's in a fog and is out of it most of the time. How did you maintain your weight while changing your diet? That's our biggest problem. When he does eat, we try to make it count and that usually doesn't include veggies.

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Tonia11 I did see your questions and replied I have looked and could not find it.but I have seen lots of your comments and your husband has had a lot of treatment I had none?he is only 39 I am eighty next year I still have my stomach cancer I have not lost any weight.I took a weight building drinks instead of tea or coffee.I was told my cancer (GIST)gastro intestinal stomal tumour) would not respond to radiation treatment.do you still think my experience is of any use to your husband?

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