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Julie 44
Julie 44 Member Posts: 476
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
Hey everyone,
Going on vaction to Wildwood NJ for a week..Just wanted to wish everyone a good week.....You will all be in my thoughts and prayers....JULIE


  • dmdwins
    dmdwins Member Posts: 450
    Have a great time Julie. Try only to focus on one day at a time and enjoy each one instead of worrying about the surgery when you get back. I can only say this because for many years I always thought of what I had to do in the future instead of enjoying the here and now. Cancer has changed that.

    Have a super time!!!

  • Annabelle41415
    Annabelle41415 Member Posts: 6,712 **
    I hope you have a wonderful and peace filled vacation. You deserve so much to get away. Do lots of fun things and be safe.

  • PhillieG
    PhillieG Member Posts: 4,866
    NJ Shore
    I was in Ocean City a few weeks ago. We had fantastic weather, the water was nice too.
    Have fun!
  • VickiCO
    VickiCO Member Posts: 917
    Me too!
    Have fun, Julie. We are headed out this week as well. I am so looking forward to this trip after being almost confined to my house the past 10 months. See you all in 10 days or so!

  • luv3jay
    luv3jay Member Posts: 533
    Julie and Vicki...hope you both have a wonderful week!
  • lisa42
    lisa42 Member Posts: 3,625
    I hope you have a great week on your vacation, Julie! You too, Vicki!
    I just got back a week ago from my vacation & it was definitely nice to get out and focus on something other than illness.
    Enjoy- :)