Mixed Small Cell with glander tissue adeno carsonama feature

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In March my husband was has a sharp pain in his ribs, so finally the first of April he went to the doctor, who sent him for an xray.
the next morning we get a call something showedup on xray and then he was sent to lung doctor,who then did test and said he had cancer on right lung, he sent us to cancer doctor and after many test, we were told he had mixed small cell with glander tissue adeno carsonama cancer, fast growing. It's in right lung, right rib, nodes and liver.
the cancer dr. told him there was no cure for this cancer and gave him 6 months to live, but he said chemo might prolong it alittle while.
so he set my him up for 6 rounds of chemo. he would go to chemo 3 days, 5hours the first day, 2 hours second day, 2 hours third day, and back on 4th day for a nulasta shot.
then he would have 18 days off and begin again.
he just finished his 5th round and in 18 days will do his last round.
the dr. said he would then just watch him, and do scans every so often.
the chemo has been holding the cancer, but after chemo the doctor says the cancer will start spreading faster than before, and there's nothing they can do.
and for him to make the most of this time.
i just don't understand if the chemo is holding the cancer why stop it now?
I would love to hear from anyone who might be going through this or knows anything about it.