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Well, I am home cleaning up and taking a little time to myself, had my daughter stay with him for awhile. I needed a break from the hospital. Jeff is doing much better his oxgyen is much better, he has developed a slight fever from an infection in his nose from the NG tube, he is responding well, and doing what he is told, I never thought he would look like this, I know Kitten and William tried to prepare me for the worse and believe me anyone with this kind of cancer it really is a "BIG" surgery. I counted his tubes and he has 13 in all, but I see alot worse in there. After not having a good day on friday we never left him on Saturday, But before I came home today, I told him i stunk and was going home, I can say he is doing well, but ICU is a long road looks like we won't have a private room until this coming weekend. But at least I still have my husband with me.

As I told William, I will never fuss with him again, and I don't remember Kitten saying but it is absolutely true, the little things don't mean much now, if you don't have it you don't worry about it, Life isn't simple

Well just wanted to post something for day 3 will check in later

Moe (lori)

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Well I just got through seeing Jeff and we got some bad news his lungs don't sound good, so they are trying different things so that we can get some of the fluid off his lungs

William everytime I read your replys, you make it everything sound so easy, and you are so knowledgeable in everything you tell me to do and expect to see with Jeff. Yes my motherinlaw (HELEN) and I plan on whipping him into shape when we can.

I certainly hope one day when people are asking for info on their loved one i will be able to answer them like you have helped me.

Please know I don't plan to get angry I plan to help him and myself. We started in this road together and we will finish this road together, whether by day to day minute to minute or just plain walking it.

I am here for him through thick and thin, We have been through alot together and like i said if I can walk a DUI I can walk "ESOPHOGEAL CANCER" it might now be the same but i can walk it.

I look forward to some kind of reply to you everyday, I hope that i will be as knowlegeable as you some day william.

to the rest of you I would be glad to answer any questions I can if you are just starting the road of Esophogeal Cancer and what to expect in the beginning.

Take care More on day 4

Lori aka Moe

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I am sorry to hear that Jeff's lungs aren't sounding the best. I will send many prayers your way in hopes that the doctors can resolve this problem quickly. I will continue to check this website and Facebook for updates. You are doing extremely well and I am so happy that Jeff has someone like you and his mom beside him throughout this ordeal.


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I'm so glad Jeff is doing better and you have taken time for yourself we all know how hard it is to leave even when you know you should. Thanks for the heads up on what to expect
after surgery. Hopefully Al & I will be lucky enough to have him be able to have the surgery.

Stay strong.
My prayers are with you always!!

Take care

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