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neuroendricine tumors

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My mother has just been diagnosed with a golf-ball size neuroendricine tumor of unknown primary. It is in her retroperitenium. It is inoperable because it is entwined in the ureter and in close proximity to the vena cava. She will be starting chemotherapy treatment this week.

This is a rare form of cancer and I wondered if there is anyone who knows any more information that might be helpful on this subject. Or anyone who has a similar diagnosis.

We know we have a great fight ahead of us but I cannot not imagine life without my mother so fight we will!

Thanks, Karen

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The good news is this tumor can be slow growing and not as aggressive but that all depends location, how big, and they must test it

We cannot tell you how little information is avaialble for this. My husbands started in his pancreas he was lucky it was not the typical cancer found there or he would not be here now. The problem is he had mets to the liver and now his whole liver is filled up and yet no chemo has worked yet. Now they say it spread to the stomach. So we are hoping and praying. He was diagnosed Dec 2006. He lost a lot of wieght and he has fought hard with this but lately I see him weakening and I am scared for him

I hope I helped some.

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