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no insurance no chemo

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Hi all,
I am new here and fairly newly diagnosed. I have had a port implanted and one round of chemo with taxol and carboplatin. My first chemo was 28 days ago. I have been unable to get another appointment for chemo because I do not have any way to pay for the treatments. I do not have insurance or cash and am in the laborious process of applying for a medical card and social security. TEVA has agreed to provide the chemo meds for six months and the oncologists office has given me a chemo appointment next friday if the meds have arrived. My main concern is that there is so much time between my chemo treatments I fear any good that was done, ( bloating gone, bowel movements back, much better overall) will regress. I am also afraid that the cancer will become resistant to the treatment. Also I have been unable to get information as to the type of ovarian cancer or the stage. Chemo is to reduce the masses before deulking of course. Any help is appreciated. I am so glad you all are here.

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I am a "newbie" also. Just had a total hysterectomy on June 12 and started chemo 7/8...same kind you've had. I also had ins. & $$$ issues when I first found out(May). When I went to to ER to find out why I was so bloated, after 4 hrs, CT & Xrays, the ER Dr. told me that she was pretty certain I had a cancer in the abdomen/peritoneal cavity...and Good luck with that! I had lost my job in Oct. because my office closed, finally found another one that I started Mar. 1st, so I had no ins. in place or $$$. I TRULY had someone watching over me, because the COBRA that I couldn't sign on for last Oct. was offered to me again because Obama signed in that subsidy and I was still eligible at a 65% reduction! But no one would do anything until it was all in place and showing I was eligible...and this happened over Memorial Day weekend-of course! LOL! I myself have just applied for SSDI (@52!)because this new job laid me off when I was supposed to go back 2 weeks ago(nice), and I have no other recourse at this time. I have my ins. paid thru the end of Aug., but I have to borrow the $$ for my co-pays for Chemo & my drugs. Although my Drs office has been great...they told me.."don't miss your appts.-call ahead...we'll figure something out". I have not even opened any of the bills...quite frankly there is no point. I cannot pay a dime to anyone at this time. I drafted a letter & sent it to all concerned & told them my circumstances. It is what it is. Did you ask your Dr or oncology nurse about the time lapse issue? Idk anything about how that would affect anything.Have you tried contacting The American Cancer Society? They do have a lot of resources. I wish I could offer you more, but all I can say is Hang in there. Thats what everyone has kept telling me, and so far...well, I'm still here & pluggin away. I will pray that there is a silver lining for you....I'm sure there is, you just haven't seen it yet. Let me know how you make out with SS...I just applied myself not 2 weeks ago. These people on this site are GREAT...I have been asking them all kinds of stuff and they haven't kicked me out yet! will be thinking of you...hugs....Beth

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It's my understanding that although it is preferable to keep on schedule with chemo that the most important thing is completing the treatment even if there are delays in the cycle. It's also my understanding from the N.P. at my oncologist’s office, that as long as you have chemo within the next cycle (i.e.: each cycle is 21 days, and you have chemo #2 within 42 days of the previous treatment) you should receive the same benefit. It sounds like you will be able to do that.
I just wish we had a health care system in place that worked in cases of extreme need, such as yours & queenieb52. I'm glad, after reading your posts that there is help available so you can get the treatment you need and deserve. The main problem seems to be delay due to the hoops you have to jump through to get everything approved and, when cancer is involved, delay is the last thing you need.
I wish both you and Queenieb52 a speedy resolution and caring, competent people to work on pushing that paperwork through!


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Your clinics finance people should be helping you with compassionate use ~ dont' understand why they aren't. Of course you can contact ACS and they should be able to help you get an advocate who can assist you. Or CancerCare.Org they have free caseworkers. Also here is the link to patient advocates you can also check out. http://www.patientadvocate.org/

Good luck and let us know how you do. Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie

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My mom had Group Health insurance through work (but later had it dropped), but she got medical insurance through the state.

What she and I did was bring her medical records stating what stage it was to the interview to the office of DSHS (Department of social and health services). She got approved for general assistance and insurance (that covers chemotheraphy) within 1-2 days.

I wish you good luck on getting the help that you need.

I found that going through this process, the state and goverment are very very rude. But DON'T GIVE UP!! We need to fight what is best for us! :)

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